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Welcome to Lake Charles' fitness addiction 


Our cycling studio is an emporium of light, sound, and energy designed to transform your body from the inside out.

We are devoted to providing invigorating, intense, and safe workouts that will free your mind and engage your spirit.

Our commitment includes the finest cold pressed juices and ACAI bowls made right in the studio! Stop by today for the most convenient, affordable, & delicious nutrition in SWLA.


Designed for excellence, we offer:

  • Top of the line Spinning Star Trac Ion bikes with onboard computers to monitor your performance.

  • An audacious sound system with professional LED lighting.

  • Two massive HDTV displays that track your heart rate, power, and calories burned.

  • Post-workout reports emailed to measure your progress.

  • State of the art leader boards and virtual training rides through Spivi Indoor Cycling Software.  

  • Our very own cold-pressed juices containing enormous nutritional benefits and whole food goodness made fresh in the studio and available everyday! 

  • Affordable, simple, & delicious nutrition 

  • Juice cleanses available for pre-order        



GREEN MACHINE:   Green = GO! Parsley & Cucumber are powerful detoxifiers.   Leafy kale, a touch of sweet apple, citrus, and a kick of ginger make this fresh squeezed, organic blended juice a super food power house! 12oz $7.25                                  

BEET YOU UP!:  Nutritional rockstars beets, kale, apples, & pear make this juice both pretty & delicious! Packed with photonutrients, vitamins & minerals including calcium, Beet You Up! Beets contain a compound that affects blood flow & reduces blood pressure.  This is a powerful exercise aid and it can increase endurance.  12oz $7.25 

SUNNYSIDE UP!:  Orange & Pineapple will wake you up! Carrots are exceptionally rich in carotenes & vitamin A. This enzyme rich juice is loaded with bromelin and photonutrients which help in digestion, reduce risk of cancer, and inflammation.  Drink any time of day to take your taste buds on a delicious vacation! 12oz $7.25 

UNICORN BLOOD: A LCLA favorite! Watermelon, Pineapple, Lemon and a kick of Ginger are the 4 ingredients your body craves to reduce muscle soreness, fight inflammation, and load up with antioxidants. Guaranteed to refresh your mind, body, and spirit in a way no other fresh squeezed juice can. 12 oz $7.25

TURMERIC SUNRISE:  Like a LCLA sunrise, this juice is just as good for the soul as it is the body.  Main ingredients, Turmeric + Ginger roots blended with celery, pear, apple, and carrot fight cancer, inflammation, boost the immune system with a spicy hot kick to remember. $7.25

ALMOND MILK:  Raw almonds, a touch of honey, and a dash of cinnamon provide non-dairy protein, healthy fats, minerals, and B-complex vitamins! Our customers call it dessert in a bottle!  (Estimated 120 calories per 8oz) 12oz $7.25 

C's Lemonade:  No juice bar in the South would be complete without a premium lemonade!  On top of being used to lower body temperature, lemon juice is used in treatment of kidney stones, reducing strokes, & obesity.  We add a touch of Agave and mix with filtered water to take the sour edge off!  12oz $5.50

Watermelon: Here for the duration of summertime only. Refreshing watermelon juice cleanses the digestive system, assists circulation, and benefits the cardio vascular system! 12oz $5.50

ORANGE YOUR GLAD!:  Typically #5 in the Roll Juice Cleanse, this jewel is a hearty dose of Vitamin C. 12oz $5.50

COOL BREEZE:  A touch of mint that aids in digestion, and has been known to help with headaches and nausea + loads of pineapple and apple make this a breezy blend that supports your immune system, helps with bone strength, eye health, and inflammation.  Apple is a clean source of energy and has tons of Vitamin A.  12oz $7.25 

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Strength and Conditioning

We offer exhilarating indoor cycling group fitness classes that will redesign your mind + body.   ROLL’s top-notch trainers provide the hands-on attention needed to achieve your personal goals.  The difference you see in the mirror is only half the story -improved flexibility means a stronger, leaner, more energized YOU. Our goal is to transform & transcend your day and the way you see fitness! 


You won’t find repetitive spinning classes or boring music at ROLL.   Our instructors use professional music mixing skills to create a fitness experience.  From classic rock remixes to alternative and trance, your musical journey begins the moment you enter our studio.


Fresh Cold Pressed Juice

Whether you're recovering from a healthy sweat or just out and about, stop by to pick up a fresh cold pressed juice! Pressed juice is the most efficient way to consume the amazing & sometimes miraculous benefits of fruits and veggies.  We've just made it affordable & convenient to enjoy wholesome nutrition whether you're on the go or have a few minutes to visit with friends.  The Roll Team embraces a community of hospitality and invites you to come early and stay late.



Complimentary towel service, and a filtered water fountain you have to see to believe is our gift to you throughout your workout. Our amenities also include restrooms stocked with spa-grade skin and hair products along with blow dryers and other essentials.




(337) 429-5260



2801 Ryan St Suite 800
Lake Charles, LA 70601



Mon–Friday 6am–9pm
Saturday 8am–11am
Sunday closed