Arrive Early

Nothings worse than a last minute set up. It's smart to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class to set up your bike.  We know you're super so our sweat seshes start on time.

Cell Phones, iPods, Head Phones.

We practice good riding etiquette: please no texting or phone use during class and leave your hi-tech gadgets turned off until the ride is over. By all means post-post-post those pics as soon as your sweat sesh is over, no one inspires your friends like you do!  

Cross Talk

Cross talking friends distract instructors and fellow riders. Everyone in the pack is riding for a different reasons so please hold that thought till the ride is over. 

Follow the Pack

Instructors work hard to plan rides. If you must "do your own thing", please take a bike in the back.

Drink, Drink, Drink!

Water is important before, during, and after your ride.  Sports drinks are not encouraged. We have a filtered water fountain for your water bottle or you can check in on fb for a free bottle from the fridge.

Bike Maintenance

Help us keep the bikes riding smoothly.  Our bikes are maintained regularly so please let the front desk know of any difficulty or problems you have while riding so we can take care of it asap. 


We're obsessed with providing the cleanest studio and workout space in Southwest Louisiana.  From our complimentary towel service to wiping each bike after every ride, The Roll Team will take care of it. All you have to do is get busy being your very best YOU!

Leaving Early

We understand once in a while you must slip out early, so take a bike near the door and leave quietly.

kindness is cool

"Thank you" and "Way-to-go" are words the Roll Team loves to say and hear.  Spread the love and show appreciation to the team and fellow riders to keep our community strong.