Everything you want to know about AB & SB

@annabethguillory @spriceupurlife @blushbeautyco. 

@annabethguillory @spriceupurlife @blushbeautyco. 

P I N K A L E R T:  Everyone knows we love to collaborate with other rockstar businesses in the Lake Area. Lately the Roll Team has been hanging out at Blush Co. with the glam squad getting spray tans, blow outs, eye lash extensions, and basically being spoiled by the best in the most glamorous + luxurious ways.  Lucky us have had the pleasure of getting to know Founders Annabeth Guillory and (believe it or not) Sarabeth Price. These 2 are more than adorable besties. They are smart, creative, trend setters that we caught up with because #everygirlneedsalittleblush

@maurinabelle 📸: Malise Gardiner Photography

@maurinabelle 📸: Malise Gardiner Photography

So, ladies....

What made yall want to bring a blowout bar to LCLA? AB: We just flat out loved the experience and when we were on our way home from a girls trip, Sarabeth & I decided to make it happen. SB: Me and Annabeth looked for any opportunity to visit blowdry bars in the cities we visited so we figured it was a great idea for Lake Charles. It took 3 years, but we made it a reality and are loving making life easier & more glamorous for the ladies (and sometimes gentlemen) of Southwest Louisiana! 

@mcurry143 @jordynbarrett17 📸: Malise Gardiner Gary

@mcurry143 @jordynbarrett17 📸: Malise Gardiner Gary

What's your "uniform" for Fall?  AB: Leggings or skinnies w. oversized sweaters & a scarf SB: Black leggings, big sweaters, & Uggs are a pregnant girl's best friend sooo, that's me this year. I am expecting baby #2 in March of course we can't wait! 

Current Mantra? AB: Good vibes only! SB: Grow through what you go through.

What time is your alarm set for? AB: 5:30AM SB: 6AM (although my 1 yr old's internal alarm goes off real loud at 12am, 2am, and 3:30am so I'm up pretty much all night :) 

Book you make time to read? AB: The Bible SB: The Bible

Your favorite scent? AB: bvlgari omnia crystalline SB: leaves burning

What's your dream breakfast? AB: Brennen's in Nola SB: Brennen's in Nola 

Daily Breakfast: AB: Chocolate protein shake SB: Protein shake

@eleanikol_xoxo @laurendevillier 

@eleanikol_xoxo @laurendevillier 

Best Fitness Tip Ever? AB: Anything (movement) is better than nothing SB: Roll Pressed Juices 

What's always in your gym bag? AB: Earbuds SB: Earbuds

Coffee or Green Juice: AB: Both! SB: Coffee

@abbiegracemilli 📸: Malise Gardiner Photography

@abbiegracemilli 📸: Malise Gardiner Photography

Song on repeat? AB: XM SB: Brother, Needtobreathe ft. Gavin DeGraw

What's the makeup product you swear by? AB: Jane Iredale Powder SB: Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Powder

📸: Malise Gardiner Photography

📸: Malise Gardiner Photography

We asked Annabeth & Sarabeth these questions separately and they returned their written versions more than a week apart. It's obvious by their answers that great minds think alike and it's no surprise these 2 created Blush Co. to glam up SWLA babes on the regular. Be sure to check out their website: www.everygirlneedsalittleblush.com to book one or two or three of the luxurious beauty services Blush Co. offers! You're going to love it as much as we do! 

@creehig @emilymargaretmary @beauty_marks_by_allisia @eleanikol_xoxo  📸: Malise Gardiner Gary

@creehig @emilymargaretmary @beauty_marks_by_allisia @eleanikol_xoxo  📸: Malise Gardiner Gary




7 Mistakes You May be Making in Your Spin Class

📷: Malise Gardiner Photography

📷: Malise Gardiner Photography

Everyone knows The Roll Team is all about getting the biggest bang for your fitness buck so we put together a little list of things you may be doing that reduce the effectiveness of your ride. If you find yourself doing any of these or ALL of them (we hope not) be sure to clean up your form to make the most of your Roll sweat seshes!

  1. The Death Grip: At times it may seem like it but we promise your bike isn't going to take off and shoot across the room. Relax those hands and let go of the death grip. It's a waste of energy and leads to a bigger problem of supporting your weight on your hands & wrists. If your hands are sore post-ride, that's your sign to lighten up!  For better results, be intentional about balancing your weight over your abs, glutes, & quads! 
  2. Slacking on Resistance: We know we know...."add another turn" or "let's take this to the top" can make you feel like your legs might just spin off but it's actually dangerous to ride with little to no resistance. Bouncing on the bike with 0 resistance can lead to hip & knee problems and the instructors can spot this big cheat a mile away. Any time you feel tired, by all means take a break but always make sure to "add a few turns" on the resistance when you stand or climb to ensure the safest rides and a beast mode sweat sesh. 

  3. Pushing without Pulling: Spin shoes guarantee as much pulling as pushing on each pedal stroke as well as making your ride super smooth and more effective. Toe cages have a bit of a gap between your shoe and the top of the cage creating less efficiency in the strokes. If you focus on eliminating the pause on the bottom of your pedal stroke and really drive your knee up & out to complete the rotation, you'll find greater power and a better burn for your ham strings. Our bikes have an SPD clip and can be found at the Bicycle Superstore or Capitol Cyclery, both on Prien Lake Road. 

  4. Attacking a Climb from the Get-Go: Just as with a sprint, it's super important to pace yourself on a hill. When you're about to take on a hill on a regular bike your body shifts forward and backward a bit. You should approach a climbin indoor-cycling the same way. Begin with your hands on the lower outside of the handlebars (position 2) with a bend at the hips. When it really starts to feel thick + sticky, move your hands to the straight part of the handle bar right in front of you (position 1). This raises your torso and increases you hip angle giving you a noticeable energy boost....now's the time to dig deep. 

  5. Copping out on Your Core: Just because your abs don't touch the pedals doesn't mean they aren't involved in every stroke. Your core plays a major role in indoor cycling which means that intentionally engaging it will make your ride even more effective. To do so, lengthen your spine, roll your shoulders back, and picture your ribs lifting off your hips. Form = everything.

  6. Overdoing the Hand Weights: Because the weight series' usually involves lots of reps, we typically recommend 1-3 lb weights. Of course muscle fatigue is the goal but within reason. You will get a bigger benefit by doing the exercises correctly with lighter weights than doing them incorrectly with heavier ones.  

  7. Skipping Your Stretch: There aren't a lot of facts to prove stretching will prevent injury however, you earned 2-5 minutes of elongating all those muscles we've just been contracting so intensely. Even 2 minutes of stretching is immensely better than none at all. We top off every sweat sesh with a few stretches because sealing your ride with a moment of peace is priceless. 

📷: Malise Gardiner Photographuy

📷: Malise Gardiner Photographuy

All About Jansen

📷: Malise Gardiner Photography

📷: Malise Gardiner Photography


Instructor - JANSEN DANIELS - has been rocking the podium for 2 years. He's the stud everyone loves to break a sweat with and we caught up with him to find out more about what makes him such a rockstar....

Where did you grow up? Rosepine, LA & proud of it! 

What food can you not live without? Anyone who knows me knows I love hamburgers. Top 3 picks: 1. The Calla Burger 2. Rikenjaks "Baja Burger" 3. Cottons "Jam Good Burger" (In that order)

What's your spirit animal? Grizzly Bear

What makes Roll such a better workout than any other cardio workout? The atmosphere....literally nothing compares. Rolling is by far the most fun work out in SWLA. 

What's your biggest pet peeve? Hearing someone gulp when they drink

What's your theme song? Post Malone: Congratulations

What do you remember about your first Roll experience? Walking in to the studio thinking "Wow, I didn't know spin class could be this crunk." From the music, to the lights, & Spivi performance metrics with virtual terrains I was super impressed....obviously. 

What's your favorite color? Turquoise

Song on Repeat? What Must I Do? by Tyler Kinchen and at the Right Pieces

What ap do you use the most? Ultimate Guitar Tabs. When I'm not at Roll or working, I'm playing my guitar

What's your all-time favorite movie? Two: 1. Gladiator 2. The Revenant

What's on your bedside table? The book "The Automatic Millionaire", a few watches, a pocket knife, and a Roll Candle

What's the best part of leading a Roll Pack?  I love delivering a challenging work out & incredible play list. It pushes me to be my best. At the end of the day everyone leaves with songs stuck in their heads and lots of sweat. I've also made a lot of friends...the Roll Community is cool. 

📷: Malise Garidiner Photography

📷: Malise Garidiner Photography

What's your favorite Roll juice? Cool Breeze

What's the mantra you live by? "Be Champs"...been using it since my high school baseball huddle and it never fails

Climb or Sprint? Climb. Climbing is when we break barriers and push past limits. 

What instantly puts you in a good mood? Food

What's the best gift you've ever received? Eternal life through Jesus Christ. He died for our sins and there's no greater gift to me 

What's on your screensaver? My girlfriend on a cliff at the Grand Canyon with the sun setting...best ever in every way

What's your dream vacation? A mountain view, beach access, and a very cold foreign beer



"I joined ROLL and it was the best decision I made for myself in a long time.": Sara Hannie's Roll Story

A little over 2 years ago, I joined ROLL and it was the best decision I made for myself in a long time.

Lake Charles Powerlifting, a competitive powerlifting team, is my jam. In 2014, I sustained an injury rupturing one, possibly two discs in my back. My chiropractor, coach, and dear husband, Frederick Hannie, (Hannie Chiropractic & Strengthwrote me a rehabilitation workout, and though it was healing my injury and I was regaining strength, I still felt defeated and lonely, unable to do what I loved with my teammates. I was also unhappy with other things in my life so I became depressed. To top it off, I gained 40 pounds in one year...I was pushing 180 pounds and couldn't find any motivation. 

In April of 2015, I tried ROLL because they were doing a promotion for teachers. I will never forget how that class and community made me feel. I had always loved spin, but ROLL took it to an entirely different level. The dark room kept me from being self conscious and thinking others were judging me, making it possible for me to submerge myself in the music. The upbeat and energizing songs along with the instructor's motivation made me sink in to the ride.  She even mentioned God a time or two which was entirely inspirational and important for me.  

Finally I had found the change I desperately needed....a fitness community and workout that was fun and simple, yet tough and yielded results. I began spinning multiple times a week, drinking ROLL's delicious cold-pressed juices, and dropped the 40 pounds I had gained plus some! By March of 2016, I stepped back on the powerlifting platform, injury free, weighing in at 136 pounds! I had more confidence than I could remember and so much of that is because of ROLL. 

I still spin 3 times a week, and it helps me keep my weight under control so I remain in my weight class for competitions. The juices are a life-saver with the schedule I keep (teacher gone small business owner x2), and the convenience of fresh pressed juice helps me make better food choices rather than grabbing fast food. From the instructors, to the music, and gorgeous, clean facility, they have created an environment that can not be matched.

I truly encourage anyone who is struggling with self-worth or facing a hard time in life to give ROLL a try.  It's helpful to surround yourself with people who really care and show up every day to help others be their best self. ROLL is so much more than indoor cycling & cold pressed juice, it's an uplifting place to be. 

How Roll Helped Bring Miranda Collins Back to Herself


Miranda Collins found Roll in the midst of one of the toughest times of her life. Read on to see how Roll brought her back to herself....her best-self, so far. 


At 205 lbs and 1 month after finally breaking free of an abusive, toxic relationship, I found Roll through a friend. She posted an Acai Power Bowl so I went to the studio to try one and when I walked in, the first thing I saw was Ms. Jackie's smiling face. Her positive energy filled the room and she gave me a tour while my Acai Bowl was being made. I mentioned to her that I could never do something as intense as indoor cycling and she told me "You don't have to be nervous, you can do absolutely anything you put your mind to and you should definitely try this." As we were talking the song "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" by Otis Redding came on. It was my late father's favorite song.....so I took it as a sign.  

As soon as I left that day I signed up for a year so that I could not back down. 

Kendrea was the instructor for my first 3 classes. I struggled to make it through them and even questioned my strength and why I was trying to better myself. The music she used and the beautiful words she preached made me feel like I was the only one in the room. It was like she was speaking specifically to me. I was thankful it was dark in there because I cried non-stop through those first few rides. One day she said "The only one you have to be good enough for is yourself" and it stuck with me. Slowly I began improving and realizing my strength and started to believe in myself.  


It took 5 classes before I could even stand up on the bike. Within 2 months of pushing just hard enough and focusing on being better than I was the class before, I could finally stand and do everything the instructor said. This time I was crying happy tears. I was so proud and felt like I had found myself again. In just 5 weeks I had lost 18 lbs. I have to say the juices (Cool Breeze, Watermelon, & Unicorn Blood) along with the Eucalyptus Towels have been my lifeline on many days. 

With 154 rides under my belt and 59 pounds gone (in 10 months), I look and feel better than ever. I'm forever grateful to the Roll community for bringing me back to me. 






21 Questions with Katy Stegall

Photo cred: Chad Whited Creations

Photo cred: Chad Whited Creations

Bubbly, big hearted and obviously at the top of her fitness game, Katy Stegall is the just inspo we need to lead LCLA in to Spring 2017. After all, we are the official Sweat Sesh + Juicery for the pride of McNeese State University, the Cowgirl Kickers and we couldn't be more excited.

Roll's rockstar instructors include a diverse array of personalities. From Dancers, to CPA's, Business Owners, to Construction Managers, & top notch students all who love Lake Charles, dance parties on the bike, and Unicorn Blood.  Katy's disciplined but sassy attitude, enthusiasm for dance, and the heartfelt insights she shares with her classes from week to week make this veteran Cowgirl Kicker a breath of fresh air. 

We chatted with Roll's newest rockstar instructor to find out everything from the mantra she lives by to what's on her screensaver and more.

So Katy....

1. Pool or Ocean? Um Ocean. 


2. What's always in your grocery cart? Avocado

3. What's your spirit animal?  Bruno Mars

4. What's your favorite lunch spot in LCLA?  Luna, love it! 

5. Spin bike to street style tip?  Always leggings + tennis shoes... I can switch from Roll Tank to Roll-T in about 3 minutes.  (Really, I couldn't do any of it without our eucalyptus towels i.e. lifesavers)

6. What's always in your gym bag?  A. Water B. Body Spray

7. Man-Bun or Fade? I'm a fade kind of girl.

8. What's your guilty pleasure?  Froyo

9. Your current mantra?  Grow through what you go through.

10. What's on your screensaver? Ozzy...my Morkie, my life.

11. Fave Juice? Currently stuck on Cool Breeze, that could change though because I love them all...just crazy about that fresh squeezed mint.

12. Last movie you watched: Back-to-the-Future {lowkey obsessed with Marty McFly}


13. Best part of being a Cowgirl Kicker?  Two Bests 1. Cheering on the      Pokes 2. Kickers make the best friends 



14. Beauty product you never leave home without? Mascara

15. Who is your hero? My Dad

16. What instantly puts you in good mood? Fresh beats

17. Person you've always wanted to meet? Michael Jackson. I know, I know but I've admired him....and those moves. 

18. Favorite Hope Soap scent? Lavender (insert heart eyes emoji)

19. Best fast food option? Panera 

20. Favorite vacation destination? Colorado

21. Favorite part of being a Roll instructor? Daily dance parties on the bike along with inspiring others to be their best self is super cool. Being a spin instructor isn't much like a job and I'm definitely in the studio as much as possible. Let's ride LCLA!  








Meet Malise

Everyone knows we can't get enough of Malise Gardiner Gary's photos. Not only is she a creative genius, she's incredibly sweet and easy to work with. Everyone around here is so over-the-moon when she shows up with her camera.  

We applaud aspiring young professionals and are impressed with Malise's tenacity in staying true to herself while delivering images that capture special moments in the most unique + artsy ways.  

Lately we've had tons of inquiries about the girl we like to call "the darling of LCLA professional photography." Of course we caught up with Malise to talk about everything from her favorite lunch spot to the mantra she lives by. We also got to raid her MacBook to find a few of her favorite shots to share with the most amazing fitness community around.....enjoy! 

So Malise...

Climb or Sprint?  Sprint

Fave place to capture your ahhhamzing images?  My parents house, not only do I feel at home, it's a gorgeous back drop for any occasion + I get to spend time with 2 of the coolest people out there. 

What do you remember most about your 1st Ride at Roll?  Well, I thought it would be easy.....

Coffee, Green Machine or both? Both, definitely. 

Songs on repeat?  Haha.  Currently switch between Rhianna to KLOVE.

Mantra you live by? Be Soft. Do not the world make you hard.  Do not let the pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the world may disagree you still believe it to be a wonderous place. 

Hometown? Lafayette

What's your favorite memory of your's & Andrew's recent wedding?  I loved it all so much. I still go over every detail in my mind but my current fave is our first dance.  My cousins sang "How Long Will I Love You" by Elle Goulding.  It was so special and still gives me chills. 

Circumstances by which you turn your phone off?  Always when Andrew comes home at night. He's definitely my #1 and I think it's important to be intentional in relationships, especially as newlyweds.  

How do you stay calm under fire? I'm almost never calm. This may sound strange but my energy is my motivator. I pray a lot. 

Photographer goals? Destination weddings 

Healthy go-to snack? A fresh squeezed juice blend from Roll Juicery, of course.  Every 12 oz bottle has approximately 2-3lbs of raw fruits & vegetables (I know, I sound like Ms. Jackie :)

Daily uniform? A Malise Gardiner Photography shirt with leggings. Every. Day.  LOL it's a real uniform. 

Fave lunch spot? Pronia's 

Be sure to follow Malise on IG: @malise_gardiner_photography and fb: Malise Gardiner Photography







ROLL MODEL: Maaliyah Papillion

📷: Malise Gardiner Gary Photography

📷: Malise Gardiner Gary Photography

The adorable + approachable Maaliyah Papillion has been a Roll Model for almost as long as we've been in Lake Charles. She's the picture of health, confidence, and success and we're loving everything she loves. Of course we caught up with our favorite beauty queen-turned-model to find out nine secrets that inspire her & keep her at the top of her game 24/7.  

So Maaliyah....

What's your favorite beauty tool?

Eyebrow filler pencil

Do you have a beautifying drink?  

I drink them all but I can't get enough freshly squeezed Green Machine.  It's a nutrition infusion....and tastes amazing. It makes a huge difference in my skin and I'm hooked!

What can you not travel without?

1. Travel pillow 2. Snack (Justin's Almond Butter usually) 3. Headphones

What always puts a smile on your face?

Lenny Kravitz on repeat

How do you recover from a tough night or long weekend?

Three Words: Roll Juice Cleanse. Sometimes I grab 1 day, other times I do up to 5 in a row. It's a perfect way to strip my body of environmental + food toxins, helps with stress and re-toxes my system with raw nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.  My clothes always fit better after a cleanse. 

What's your Current obsession?

Binge watching Mr. Robot

What's the first thing you do when you wake up?

Eat my breakfast...

what's your spirit animal?


What's your 1st roll memory?

I rode in the FRONT ROW of Ms Jackie's class and I actually forgot I was working out...but that's the Roll Team's speciality....always a party on the bike and pics! 

Follow Maaliyah on Instagram & Facebook to check out her journey and latest adventures as one of LCLA's rockstars! 

















📷: Malise Gardiner Gary

📷: Malise Gardiner Gary


Adding cold pressed juice to your diet is a way of boosting nutrition and getting back to healthy basics.  Cleansing is about taking clean eating to the next level giving your system a break and helping reduce your dependence on unhealthy, processed foods.  Even If you aren't quite ready to swap your food for juice it's a great idea to add one or two of our all natural, fresh pressed juices to your regular diet.  

Here's 5 Reasons "C's Lemonade" is one of LCLA's favorite Roll Juices

1.  Aids in digestion & detoxification

Because lemon juices's atomic structure is similar to the digestive juices found in the stomach, it tricks the liver into producing bile which helps keep food moving through your body and gastrointestinal tract smoothly.  Lemon juice also helps relieve indigestion and stomach upset. 

2.  Rejuvenates skin & body healing

The antioxidants in lemons fight damage caused by free radicals keeping your skin looking fresh. It also helps the body produce collagen, an essential in smoothing out lines in the face.  

3.  Bumps up the Vitamin C quotient

Your body doesn't make vitamin C on its own so it's important to get enough of it from from the foods and drinks you ingest, like cold pressed lemonade. Vitamin C stimulates white blood cell production which is vital for your immune system to function properly and also protects cells from oxidative damage. Each 12oz bottle contains approximately 10 ounces of cold pressed lemon juice adding around187% of the RDA of Vitamin C to your day. 

4.  Helps shed pounds

Regularly sipping C's cold pressed Lemonade can help you lose unwanted pounds because lemons contain pectin, a type of fiber commonly found in fruits.  Pectin helps you feel full longer which means you'll chow down less throughout the day (the reason it's #2 in the Roll Juice Cleanse).  Plus, did you know being slightly dehydrated makes you prone to things like headaches, fatigue, and an overall bad mood? Chugging the fresh pressed lemons in C's Lemonade also helps your body stay hydrated & happy.

Agave nectar is an all natural sweetner with a low glycemic index that won't cause a sharp spike or fall in blood sugar. 

5.  Boosts energy + Mood

Looking for a way to cut out that extra cup of coffee or energy drink? C's cold pressed lemonade can boost energy levels without the caffeine crash. Here's how it works:  Our bodies get energy from the atoms and molecules in foods.  When negative charged ions like those found in lemons, enter your digestive tract the result is a natural increase in energy levels.  Voila. 


Cred: Dr Axe





Juice Cleanse 101


Sometimes your body, like your mind needs a break.  Here's a few benefits: 

KICKSTART WEIGHT LOSS:  A few extra pounds can be a real drag.  Swapping out meals for a brief juice cleanse can support your weight loss efforts & zap food cravings.

SKIN: Your epidermis is the largest organ you have, raw juice cleansing can brighten your complexion and rekindle your inner glow.

REBALANCE GUT HEALTH:  When digestion slows down, so does everything else.  Hit the reset button with enzyme and nutrient dense cold pressed juices to support optimal gut function. 

SHARPEN YOUR MIND:  When you cut out processed foods, wheat, dairy, and animal products, your head clears.  A fresh raw juice cleanse can break through mental fog and improve alertness. 


RJC-1 DAY CLEANSE:  A simple & accessible way to experience the revitalizing power of juicing.  Just replace your meals with 7 juices and get a 24 hour mini-cleanse with brightening, energizing, and clarifying effect. This is great if you are new to juicing or if you'd like to reset your system after a splurge.  Some people like to do 1 day of juicing each week to rest their digestive system and support the best health 52 days per year. 

RJC-3 DAY CLEANSE:  RJC-3, our signature cleanse increases body function while making you look and feel lighter, brighter and more energetic.  Experienced cleansers enjoy the quick pick me up and return to healthy habits while newbies can experience a full cleanse in just a few days! RJC-3 Day cleanses are great if you want to make a dramatic shift in your diet and kickstart new eating habits. 

RJC-5 DAY CLEANSE:  A powerful way to reboot your diet, even more effective if you're already eating clean.  Remarkable results may include reduction in puffiness, an energy explosion, and a more rested you. We understand staying disciplined can be tough so we keep things interesting & fun by varying your daily menu.  The RJC-5 is a delicious & nutritious jumpstart to eating & drinking right for life. Its great if you've tried juicing and are ready for more or you want a deeper and more intense detox. 


1. Choose which number of days is best for you. 2.  Call or email us to order and prepay (we make our juices fresh every day in the Roll Juicery.  Due to the freshness of the juice sometimes it takes time for us to put cleanses together.) 3. Refrigerate ASAP & start 1st thing in the morning.

Posting pics of your cleanse and the juices you love inspires others to live fit and of course we crave the attention. :)

Meet Lauren Monroe

As always, we're kicking off this Monday at full speed, the only gear our friend & fashion boss, Lauren Monroe operates at.  This girl's not only LCLA's premier fashionista, she also juggles the uber successful Mimosa Boutique, an amazing family, and baby snuggles like nobody's business.  

After years of transforming Southwest Louisiana beauties of all shapes & sizes in to style icons as well as becoming a new mom in 2016, Lauren Monroe has learned a lot about living a "wellthy" life.  Last Fall Lauren, supported by her husband Scott + her incredible staff, hosted "Fashion Gives Back" which contributed 100% of the proceeds (totaling more than $20K) to "Hand to Hold" (a 501(c)3 providing comprehensive navigation resources & support to parents of preemies).  Not only did the Mimosa crew take fashion to a whole new level in Lake Charles, Monroe headed up the event all while she was expecting baby Kipton, her 6 month old, #1 son. 


Lauren is one fierce female who is serious about fashion, family, and fitness. We caught up with her to snag a few tips from her favorite gift store, the mantra she lives by, the juice that keeps her going, and more.....

Fave Lunch Spot:  Luna Bar & Grill

Your LCLA "Uniform":  Skinny jeans and a v-neck tee.

One word people would use to describe you:  Driven. 

What's in your gym bag: 1. Gold Swell Bottle 2. My jacket

Song you can't stop listening to: Can't Stop the Feeling, JT.

Mantra you live by: Work hard, look sharp, do what you love. 

What you wanted to be when you grew up:  A Popstar.

Fave gift shop: The Little Pearl.

Friend Date: I love game night at someone's house after a great meal. 

What are 3 things always in your medicine cabinet? Hmmm. This is probably a better question for my mom.  


1 Thing on your Bucket List: Going to Fashion Week in NYC and attending a show. 

Favorite Juice: Green Machine keeps me going.  I've also been known to obsess over Acai Energy Bowls. 


My food philosophy in 1 sentence:  Food is an important part of a balanced diet. :)

Cardio or Strength: Strength. 

The best advice you've ever received:  "Comparison is the thief of joy, keep your focus on your own blessings in your life".

Trending in LCLA: Everyone is loving off the shoulder tops, dresses, & rompers.  

Current healthy snack addiction:  Carrots with Almond Butter.

Simplest way to look great: Confidence! It looks incredible on every body type. 

Best way you like to detox: Laughing. 

Who or what never fails to put you in a good mood? Kipton Charles Monroe.  


We love collaborating with local businesses in SWLA and everyone knows Mimosa tops our list of favorites so mark your calendar for July 28 when we take our bikes over to Earnest Street to clip in & rock out at Mimosa Boutique!  Yep! you read right, we're doing a ride on site at Mimosa for a sweat sesh to remember with fashion, friends, a DJ and more. The event is live on the schedule so you know what to do.....book those bikes!  

Also, the "Fashion Gives Back 2016" buzz has already begun.  Believe it or not, Lauren and her FGB team are planning an even bigger & better show including a special guest speaker. The fashion event of the year is expected to sell out quicker than ever so save the date for September 29, 2016 and get ready to make your claim to the hottest tickets in LCLA! 

17 Fill-in-the-Blanks w. Allie Matheson

Revolution instructor and all around fitness legend Allie Matheson shares her biggest indulgence, Roll mantra, what you'll never find in her grocery cart and more....

1.  My idea of a perfect day:   a. a blank "to-do list" b. quick 3 mile run before everyone wakes up followed by a big breakfast c. Letting the day unfold with my family

2.  My ROLL mantra:  Show up, the rest is down hill!

3.  The one item that will never be in my grocery cart:  Coke 

4.  My Starbucks order is:  Latte...straight up

5.  Fave movie of all time:   Steel Magnolias

6.  When you leave my class you feel:  Empowered

7.  My biggest indulgence is:  a Massage

8.  My current snack obsession: Almond Butter biscuits which have NO          high fructose corn syrup... yasssss! 

9.   What I wanted to be when I grew up:  an Artist

10.  The best year of my life:  2002

11.  My favorite music to ride to:  Black Keys

12.  My best childhood memories:  Fishing at Toledo Bend, I always                  caught the biggest one. 

13.  My secret talent:  I can pinch with my toes

14.  Bikini or One piece?  Bikini (since I was at least 7) 

15.  If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life it would be: Toga          Grill grape leaves...omg.  

16.  My favorite color is:  Green 

17.  My favorite juice is:  Roll Honey-Cinnamon Almond Milk

If you want to catch Allie's Revolution class, grab a bike on Wednesday at 5:30. It's limited to 15 spots so don't take your time! 

15 Fill in the blanks w: Maaliyah Papillion

Photo: Chris Brennan Photography

Photo: Chris Brennan Photography

Lake Charles' 1st Miss Louisiana & Roll™ rockstar Maaliyah Papillion opens up about her first ride, which word describes her best, what's always in her grocery cart, and more...

1.  Memories of my 1st ride:  Jackie's 8:10, being pretty nervous, having a blast....been hooked ever since. 

Photo: Chad Whited Photography

Photo: Chad Whited Photography

2.  My fave song to ride to:  "Wild Horses" by Bishop

3.  My current ap obsession:  Pandora 

4.  The first thing that goes in my grocery cart: Justin's Maple Almond Butter (always in my bag too). 

5.  From the words athlete, champion, rockstar, legend, warrior the one that describes me best:  Champion

6.  If I were stranded on a desert island the 3 beauty products I would want to have:  1. Coconut Oil 2. Lip Balm 3. Dry Shampoo

7.  The best things about Roll: The classic black tank w/ the silver gear (Something about that shirt makes me feel like a super hero).  Can't even pick a favorite juice....they're all amazing because they taste delicious and are soo healthy.  I seriously love the sweat sessions and the community is unlike anything I've ever been a part of in fitness....from the Roll Team to the riders, it's the real deal.  

8.  An unknown fact about me:  I am a professional singer.  In the shower. 

9.  My dog's name: Duke. He's an Akita and he's 3 years old. 


10. Hairstyle I rock on my ride:  Ponytail, all the way (Front Row #17)! 

11. Climb or Sprint:  Sprint. 

12. The most exciting thing about taking the Miss USA Crown: I'm excited to live in NYC for the duration of my reign as Miss USA and taking the philanthropy I'm currently engaged in as Miss Louisiana to the national level is an overwhelming possibility for me. 

13.  The 3 people who have made a huge impact on my life: 1. My Mother 2. My Grandmother 3. Misty Copeland

14.  Everyone should read this book: 

15.  The wisest thing anyone has ever said to me:  "Don't be the echo, be the voice."

April is the month of Maaliyah at Roll™. We are beyond excited to celebrate Miss Louisiana with Mimosa Boutique for another "Spin Bike to Street Style" event including the latest summer trends in fashion and snacks from Street Breads™ on April 14//5-8pm.  Our friends from Walnut Grove will be in the studio with a huge surprise for Maaliyah.....you don't want to miss this so snag your bike or just come by to say hi. 

On April 21//6:30pm rockstar instructor Kendrea Terrell leads the pack in a SUNSET RIDE w//DJ Ryan Domingue! 100% of the proceeds benefit Maaliyah on her journey to Miss USA! This ride is live so....book those bikes!

Coming you way this May:  Official Miss USA videographers will be in LCLA....AT ROLL....to film our girl doing what she loves for the national pageant in Las Vegas. Stand by for ride details (insert freakout party emoji here)! 




Baby on Board!


Instructor Brianna Pugh's electric energy on the bike would be no surprise if it weren't for 1 tiny detail, she's rides with a baby bump!  That's right. She is expecting her first lil' rockstar in May. We asked Bri to share her top 5 tips of riding while pregnant before she gives birth to her baby girl, Miss Marley Rae.  

So Bri...

What are your top 5 tips to riding while pregnant?

  1. Wear a Heart Rate Monitor.  Dr Prestia (who I seriously could not live without) stressed the importance of keeping my heart rate at a certain level during workouts so I wear a Fitbit gifted to me by my (awesome) in-laws at the beginning of my pregnancy. :)
  2. Keep Cool. Riders tell me the front row is the coolest spot in the studio which means I would definitely book those bikes & rock our FRONT ROW shirt! LOL  It seems like I break a sweat quicker since I entered the 3rd trimester so sometimes I hop off my bike to cool down.
  3. Stay Hydrated.  I drink AT LEAST 2 bottles of water per 45 minute sweat session. 
  4. Eat pre and post workout.  This has been tricky and I'm sure it's different for each person.  I always eat something light like toast or a banana before my classes to prevent nausea but when it's over I'm so hungry and CRAVING protein so I make sure to eat whole food nutrition within 30 minutes.   
  5. Know your limits.  As a collegiate athlete, I'm trained to give 110% every time because there are no limits.  Adjusting to pregnancy and everything that comes with it has been challenging but I'm growing a beautiful, healthy baby so this is also an exercise in listening to my body. It's a new discipline. Adjust your intensity level and pace according to what your body is telling you....it's OKAY to slow down or even take a breather off the bike if necessary.  Remember if you feel ill at any time to alert the instructor and they will be able to assist you.                                                         

Ultimately, continuing my commitment to lead a healthy lifestyle including indoor cycling during pregnancy is keeping my energy level up, alleviating aches & pains, helping me stay positive and proving to be one of the best things I can do for me and my baby. 

Congratulations to all the expecting ROLLdiers out there! I can't wait to see you in the studio!

Brianna Pugh