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Brooke Watkins

Brooke brings her sassy style from Iowa, Louisiana.  The former Homecoming Queen is currently studying psychology at McNeese State University and plans on becoming an Applied Behavior Analyst. Her classes are inspirational, empowering, & intense.  In addition to slaying tap-backs, Brooke's innate musicality and turnt-up playlists enhance her classes, motivating her riders to discover their inner athlete. When she isn't dancing on the bike or chugging juice in the studio, you'll find Brooke working at the Law Office of Brad Guillory and Henry Liles, hanging with friends, or playing with any cute + cuddly pup she can find. 


Khoury Kraus

A natural born athlete, Khoury believes everyone can achieve greatness and bring out their inner rockstar with practice and dedication.  He uses his background in sports to inspire his riders to do their very best every time they step in to his class. Khoury's been obsessed with all things Roll since his best friend & MSU Cowboy teammate, Trent Jackson dragged him in the studio for a private ride. Strong is the new sexy in Khoury's class so get ready to expect the unexpected and improve those moves on & off the bike with this athletic overachiever! 


Maurina Tabor

With a clear understanding of her vital purpose to educate and uplift, Maurina fills a 45 minute Roll journey with positive vibes, clear cues, and the hottest beats. Her classes are athletic and challenging with the goal of working the body and freeing the mind. Maurina's mantra is "the greater the challenge, the greater the reward" so get ready for results when this Roll legend takes the stage. 


Quincy Mudd

Born & raised in Grandlake, LA this rodeo queen has unparalleled enthusiasm for staying in shape while having fun. Motivated by the satisfaction of watching others succeed by stepping out of their comfort zone, Quincy's playlists and energy on the bike give you everything you need to channel your inner champion . Get ready to dance with her endorphin-blasting rides that revitalize your mind, body, & soul and encourage you to take chances, both on and off the bike. Quincy aspires to inspire so whatever your fitness level, this girl's ready to take you beyond your wildest dreams.   

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Trent Jackson

A Shreveport native and student of McNeese State University, Trent was addicted to Roll the very first time he rode in a private class for the MSU Cowboys Football Team. His passion for fitness + fun come together on the Roll Stage bringing electric energy into every one of his rides. Trent's mantra is pain is temporary...victory lasts forever so be prepared to lose yourself in live beats & positive vibes when you step in to a sweat sesh with this rockstar.


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Brianna Peterson

Bri brings her passion for the bike all the way from Denver, CO and is a Roll Master Instructor. A collegiate soccer player and all around fitness enthusiast, this girl is a natural athlete who believes if it doesn't challenge you it won't change you. Her high energy playlists and athletic approach create a high endurance sweat sesh with serious results. Her class includes a mix of hot remixes, soulful vocals, and beats to take your ride to the next level. Snag a bike, settle in and get ready to elevate your mind, body, & spirit in Bri's 45 minute full body sweat sesh. 


Lexi Theriot

Lexi fell in love with everything Roll on her very first ride! A personal trainer and former dancer, Lexi's beat driven, rhythm based classes will have you climbing, sprinting, and reaching goals you never imagined. Roll allows Lexi to express her creativity, love of music, and movement.  She may be small but her passion is big. Take it from us, her class is an experience you definitely don't want to miss! 

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Tina Rue

For Tina, Roll is about showing up and challenging yourself. Her flair for color and creative playlists encourage riders to find the connection between music, resistance, and rhythm on the bike. Tina knows Roll is something special and her classes are filled with positive vibes, a contagious smile, and a non stop dance party. An indoor cycling enthusiast for 20+ years and Roll master instructor, Tina's classes are aimed at every pedal stroke leading to your best life.


Jansen Daniels

A master instructor, Jansen creates an exhilarating atmosphere with his deep connection to music and ability to lead riders on an inspirational journey toward total self-empowerment. Jansen found the perfect moves for a total body workout and appreciates the energy & strength a healthy lifestyle affords. His passion is leading others to live their best life and his classes will transform the way you see fitness.


Kallan Stout

Kallan brings tons of charm & charisma from Grand Lake, Louisiana and found her passion for teaching on the Roll stage. As a new mom who lead the Roll pack during the duration of her pregnancy, she hopes to inspire others to nurture their bodies and minds through fitness. Kallan believes the right beat can get you through just about anything and is a breath of fresh air on the Roll Team. Get ready to dance, sing, and dig deep to find your inner athlete in Kallan's class. 

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Cassidy Evans

A LCLA native and Sophomore at McNeese State University, Cassidy is working on her bachelor's degree in marketing. With 16 years experience in dance this Cassidy definitely knows how to pass a good time, on and off the bike! Whether you know Cassidy from around town or are meeting her for the first time, she's never met a stranger and is always ready to drop the beat on Ryan St. "She believed she could so she did" are words Cassidy lives by and how she's achieved a better version of herself since coming to Roll as a rider in 2017. Grab your bike and get ready to take your fitness to new heights every time she leads the pack! 

 Photo Cred: Malise Gardiner Photography

Photo Cred: Malise Gardiner Photography


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