I’ve never taken a Spinning class - what should I expect?

First timers, have no fear, The Roll Team is trained to teach every fitness level! From elite cyclists to 1st time riders, Roll is the place for you. We'll show you how to set up your bike, how to use the onboard computer & Spivi performance metrics, and much more.  After a few minutes with our staff and a couple of rides, you’ll be ready to Rock, Roll, and Ride with confidence! 

Arrive early since classes tend to fill quickly.  Enjoy the pre-ride music and hang out with your friends as you prepare for the physical + mental challenge ahead.

Do I have to be in great shape to participate in an indoor cycling class?

All ages, abilities, and fitness levels can enjoy the benefits of indoor cycling. You control the intensity and resistance, but your instructor will strive to bring out your best in every ride. Our low-lit studio eliminates competition and intimidation, and the only person you have to be better than is the one you were before you walked into our cycling sanctuary!

How many calories will I burn and how many miles will I ride?

The amount of calories burned depends on your body weight and intensity of effort during the ride. Riders typically burn between 500-700 calories in 45 minutes and travel 20-25 miles on the road. Spivi performance metrics take 3-4 rides before the system "learns" you, so don't be alarmed when the first few emails you receive are incorrect in the stats of your class. 

Should I eat before class?

Your muscles definitely need fuel but don’t go overboard. A couple of hours before ride, begin drinking water to stay hydrated. Thirty minutes before the class, eat a small snack (about 100 calories) of mostly carbohydrates.  We have the most healthy, invigorating cold pressed juices in 2 sizes that make the best pre and post workout fuel. 

How can I get comfortable sitting on the saddle?

If you’re new to cycling, it may take a few classes to acclimate your body to the saddle. Padded cycling shorts, liners or gel seat covers make the ride more comfy. Sliding toward the back of the saddle also helps keeping the pressure off the tip of the saddle. After a few rides everyone gets comfortable so it just takes time.

What kind of shoes should I wear?

Shoes with a very stiff sole enable powerful pedal strokes. Cycling shoes will provide more stability and promote efficiency on the bike. However, feel free to ride with athletic shoes and make sure your laces are securely tied. Sandals or “5-finger” shoes are not allowed. Our pedals are equipped with SPD cleats, and cycling shops can fit you in the right pair of shoes.

Will Indoor cycling classes make my legs bulk up?

Um no.  Some of the leanest legs on earth belong to cyclists!  Whether climbing hills or pounding out flats, WBX rides are excellent way to build strength, burn fat, and fire off endorphins. With the correct pedal stroke, speed and resistance, you’ll create shapely legs and stoke your metabolism.

What is the proper bike setup?

Adjust the seat so your knees are slightly bent at the down stroke. Adjust the distance of the seat so your arms are a comfortable length and your elbows are relaxed.  The knees should not be hyper-extendened so make sure they are correctly aligned over the ball of your foot. If you’re a newbie or have back concerns, adjust the handlebars higher than the saddle.  As you advance, the handlebars can be lowered. Above all, be comfortable on the bike!