17 Questions with Cassidy Evans


One thing we take seriously at Roll is our team and the instructors are LCLA rockstars for a reason. They take the stage all day every day no matter what the weather and in spite of how busy they are. They curate playlists week after week to bring our members the latest, greatest beats & the most amazing "throwbacks" out there.  They motivate each & every rider that comes through our doors no matter what kind of day they've had. Daily challenges that typically stop most people from making their sweat seshes are fuel for the Roll Team. They're legit Overcomers who inspire the whole community. 

Our New Year's motivation is a breath of fresh air in every way. Bubbly, big-hearted, and literally living her best life, Cassidy Evans is all the inspo we need to kick off 2018 without missing the holiday festivities we're leaving behind. We caught up with the Lake Charles native to ask 17 questions everyone wants to know about out how she makes every day count and stays so gorgeous in the process. 


1. What's always in your grocery cart? Lara Bars


2. What time is your alarm set for (seriously)? Serioulsy, it's not. 

3. Fave Roll Juice? Unicorn Blood 

4. Climb or Sprint? Climb 



5. Mantra you live by? She believed she could so she did.

6. Best part of being a Roll Instructor? Motivating others motivates me + I love being part of something so positive & cool in Lake Charles. 




7. Favorite Brunch spot? Luna! For real y'all, my dad & the crew outdo themselves every week.

8. Room you spend the most of your time in? The living room {watching This is Us} 

This is us.jpg


9. Lately you're always wearing? Leggings,{Roll} sweatshirt, adidas

10. What (or who) brought you to Roll? Brooke Watkins aka my #1 Roll Model

 Malise Gardiner Photography

Malise Gardiner Photography


11. The one item you never leave home without? Lip gloss

12. In 2018 will you: A. Cook a new recipe every week B. Learn more party games? Definitely A...



13. What's the one word people would use to describe you? Fun 🎉 

14. You can't live without?  My dogs, Winston & Nola



15. Song on repeat? Lemon//Rhianna{obsessed} follow me on Apple Music: @cassevans

16. Coffee or green juice? Um Coffee. For sure. 

16. Roll has changed your life. How? I've leveled up my fitness game in a huge way and made so many new friends. The loud music & low lights were just what I needed to get excited about working out which was definitely not me before I was exposed to spin. I'm pretty sure Roll was the best thing that happened to me in 2017 and I hope there are tons of people who have my same story in 2018.