Well-thy Living with Dr. Geoffrey Collins

 📸: Malise Gardiner Photography

📸: Malise Gardiner Photography

We're getting to know Orthopaedic surgeon & all around rockstar Dr. Geoffrey Collins along with his daily wellness habits. After all, everyone knows the life of an MD (surgeons in particular) is uber demanding.

Brains & good looks only go so far; hydration, sleep, and pressed juices are the real secrets of success for this body mending, down-to-earth Doctor!

Geoff Collins knows a thing or two about professional-level mind-body upkeep so we caught up with him to get the deets on how one of Lake Charles' biggest bone heroes stays on top of his game...

Favorite way to wind down: Relaxing in my hanging chair by the pool

The best Roll Pressed Juice: Green Machine! 

Ingredient that makes everything taste better: Garlic

One topic everyone should google: "The War on Insulin" 

Go-to Proteins: Steak...cooked on my grill

Best label reading tip: If you see high fructose corn syrup, put it down.  

Healthy dish I rely on: Avocados on the half shell

Always in my frig: Heavy cream (my coffee must-have)

On my bookshelf: Whatever my wife is reading! Does "Marlin Magazine" Count???

For last minute entertaining: An assortment of amazing cheeses, high-quality steaks, and great wines are always ready to go at our house. 

Favorite indulgence: Dark Chocolate

Current mantra: "Treat every patient how you would want to be treated. Everyone we see is somebody: somebody's Dad, Mom, Daughter, Brother, Friend....Compassion never goes out of style." 

Reason(s) you recommend Roll Indoor Cycling: It's a good full body workout, excellent cardio, low impact, far better than "walking in the neighborhood" and it's fun!

 📸: Malise Gardiner Photography

📸: Malise Gardiner Photography

We're super excited about our upcoming collaborations with Collins Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine this Fall including an onsite, outdoor ride at their office. You'll definitely want to be the 1st to book those bikes so be sure to follow them (and Roll Indoor Cycling & Juicery, of course) on Facebook & Instagram for all scoop and fun things up ahead.