All About Jansen

 📷: Malise Gardiner Photography

📷: Malise Gardiner Photography


Instructor - JANSEN DANIELS - has been rocking the podium for 2 years. He's the stud everyone loves to break a sweat with and we caught up with him to find out more about what makes him such a rockstar....

Where did you grow up? Rosepine, LA & proud of it! 

What food can you not live without? Anyone who knows me knows I love hamburgers. Top 3 picks: 1. The Calla Burger 2. Rikenjaks "Baja Burger" 3. Cottons "Jam Good Burger" (In that order)

What's your spirit animal? Grizzly Bear

What makes Roll such a better workout than any other cardio workout? The atmosphere....literally nothing compares. Rolling is by far the most fun work out in SWLA. 

What's your biggest pet peeve? Hearing someone gulp when they drink

What's your theme song? Post Malone: Congratulations

What do you remember about your first Roll experience? Walking in to the studio thinking "Wow, I didn't know spin class could be this crunk." From the music, to the lights, & Spivi performance metrics with virtual terrains I was super impressed....obviously. 

What's your favorite color? Turquoise

Song on Repeat? What Must I Do? by Tyler Kinchen and at the Right Pieces

What ap do you use the most? Ultimate Guitar Tabs. When I'm not at Roll or working, I'm playing my guitar

What's your all-time favorite movie? Two: 1. Gladiator 2. The Revenant

What's on your bedside table? The book "The Automatic Millionaire", a few watches, a pocket knife, and a Roll Candle

What's the best part of leading a Roll Pack?  I love delivering a challenging work out & incredible play list. It pushes me to be my best. At the end of the day everyone leaves with songs stuck in their heads and lots of sweat. I've also made a lot of friends...the Roll Community is cool. 

 📷: Malise Garidiner Photography

📷: Malise Garidiner Photography

What's your favorite Roll juice? Cool Breeze

What's the mantra you live by? "Be Champs"...been using it since my high school baseball huddle and it never fails

Climb or Sprint? Climb. Climbing is when we break barriers and push past limits. 

What instantly puts you in a good mood? Food

What's the best gift you've ever received? Eternal life through Jesus Christ. He died for our sins and there's no greater gift to me 

What's on your screensaver? My girlfriend on a cliff at the Grand Canyon with the sun ever in every way

What's your dream vacation? A mountain view, beach access, and a very cold foreign beer