"I joined ROLL and it was the best decision I made for myself in a long time.": Sara Hannie's Roll Story

A little over 2 years ago, I joined ROLL and it was the best decision I made for myself in a long time.

Lake Charles Powerlifting, a competitive powerlifting team, is my jam. In 2014, I sustained an injury rupturing one, possibly two discs in my back. My chiropractor, coach, and dear husband, Frederick Hannie, (Hannie Chiropractic & Strengthwrote me a rehabilitation workout, and though it was healing my injury and I was regaining strength, I still felt defeated and lonely, unable to do what I loved with my teammates. I was also unhappy with other things in my life so I became depressed. To top it off, I gained 40 pounds in one year...I was pushing 180 pounds and couldn't find any motivation. 

In April of 2015, I tried ROLL because they were doing a promotion for teachers. I will never forget how that class and community made me feel. I had always loved spin, but ROLL took it to an entirely different level. The dark room kept me from being self conscious and thinking others were judging me, making it possible for me to submerge myself in the music. The upbeat and energizing songs along with the instructor's motivation made me sink in to the ride.  She even mentioned God a time or two which was entirely inspirational and important for me.  

Finally I had found the change I desperately needed....a fitness community and workout that was fun and simple, yet tough and yielded results. I began spinning multiple times a week, drinking ROLL's delicious cold-pressed juices, and dropped the 40 pounds I had gained plus some! By March of 2016, I stepped back on the powerlifting platform, injury free, weighing in at 136 pounds! I had more confidence than I could remember and so much of that is because of ROLL. 

I still spin 3 times a week, and it helps me keep my weight under control so I remain in my weight class for competitions. The juices are a life-saver with the schedule I keep (teacher gone small business owner x2), and the convenience of fresh pressed juice helps me make better food choices rather than grabbing fast food. From the instructors, to the music, and gorgeous, clean facility, they have created an environment that can not be matched.

I truly encourage anyone who is struggling with self-worth or facing a hard time in life to give ROLL a try.  It's helpful to surround yourself with people who really care and show up every day to help others be their best self. ROLL is so much more than indoor cycling & cold pressed juice, it's an uplifting place to be.