How Roll Helped Bring Miranda Collins Back to Herself


Miranda Collins found Roll in the midst of one of the toughest times of her life. Read on to see how Roll brought her back to herself....her best-self, so far. 


At 205 lbs and 1 month after finally breaking free of an abusive, toxic relationship, I found Roll through a friend. She posted an Acai Power Bowl so I went to the studio to try one and when I walked in, the first thing I saw was Ms. Jackie's smiling face. Her positive energy filled the room and she gave me a tour while my Acai Bowl was being made. I mentioned to her that I could never do something as intense as indoor cycling and she told me "You don't have to be nervous, you can do absolutely anything you put your mind to and you should definitely try this." As we were talking the song "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" by Otis Redding came on. It was my late father's favorite I took it as a sign.  

As soon as I left that day I signed up for a year so that I could not back down. 

Kendrea was the instructor for my first 3 classes. I struggled to make it through them and even questioned my strength and why I was trying to better myself. The music she used and the beautiful words she preached made me feel like I was the only one in the room. It was like she was speaking specifically to me. I was thankful it was dark in there because I cried non-stop through those first few rides. One day she said "The only one you have to be good enough for is yourself" and it stuck with me. Slowly I began improving and realizing my strength and started to believe in myself.  


It took 5 classes before I could even stand up on the bike. Within 2 months of pushing just hard enough and focusing on being better than I was the class before, I could finally stand and do everything the instructor said. This time I was crying happy tears. I was so proud and felt like I had found myself again. In just 5 weeks I had lost 18 lbs. I have to say the juices (Cool Breeze, Watermelon, & Unicorn Blood) along with the Eucalyptus Towels have been my lifeline on many days. 

With 154 rides under my belt and 59 pounds gone (in 10 months), I look and feel better than ever. I'm forever grateful to the Roll community for bringing me back to me.