21 Questions with Katy Stegall

 Photo cred: Chad Whited Creations

Photo cred: Chad Whited Creations

Bubbly, big hearted and obviously at the top of her fitness game, Katy Stegall is the just inspo we need to lead LCLA in to Spring 2017. After all, we are the official Sweat Sesh + Juicery for the pride of McNeese State University, the Cowgirl Kickers and we couldn't be more excited.

Roll's rockstar instructors include a diverse array of personalities. From Dancers, to CPA's, Business Owners, to Construction Managers, & top notch students all who love Lake Charles, dance parties on the bike, and Unicorn Blood.  Katy's disciplined but sassy attitude, enthusiasm for dance, and the heartfelt insights she shares with her classes from week to week make this veteran Cowgirl Kicker a breath of fresh air. 

We chatted with Roll's newest rockstar instructor to find out everything from the mantra she lives by to what's on her screensaver and more.

So Katy....

1. Pool or Ocean? Um Ocean. 


2. What's always in your grocery cart? Avocado

3. What's your spirit animal?  Bruno Mars

4. What's your favorite lunch spot in LCLA?  Luna, love it! 

5. Spin bike to street style tip?  Always leggings + tennis shoes... I can switch from Roll Tank to Roll-T in about 3 minutes.  (Really, I couldn't do any of it without our eucalyptus towels i.e. lifesavers)

6. What's always in your gym bag?  A. Water B. Body Spray

7. Man-Bun or Fade? I'm a fade kind of girl.

8. What's your guilty pleasure?  Froyo

9. Your current mantra?  Grow through what you go through.

10. What's on your screensaver? Ozzy...my Morkie, my life.

11. Fave Juice? Currently stuck on Cool Breeze, that could change though because I love them all...just crazy about that fresh squeezed mint.

12. Last movie you watched: Back-to-the-Future {lowkey obsessed with Marty McFly}


13. Best part of being a Cowgirl Kicker?  Two Bests 1. Cheering on the      Pokes 2. Kickers make the best friends 



14. Beauty product you never leave home without? Mascara

15. Who is your hero? My Dad

16. What instantly puts you in good mood? Fresh beats

17. Person you've always wanted to meet? Michael Jackson. I know, I know but I've admired him....and those moves. 

18. Favorite Hope Soap scent? Lavender (insert heart eyes emoji)

19. Best fast food option? Panera 

20. Favorite vacation destination? Colorado

21. Favorite part of being a Roll instructor? Daily dance parties on the bike along with inspiring others to be their best self is super cool. Being a spin instructor isn't much like a job and I'm definitely in the studio as much as possible. Let's ride LCLA!