ROLL MODEL: Maaliyah Papillion

 📷: Malise Gardiner Gary Photography

📷: Malise Gardiner Gary Photography

The adorable + approachable Maaliyah Papillion has been a Roll Model for almost as long as we've been in Lake Charles. She's the picture of health, confidence, and success and we're loving everything she loves. Of course we caught up with our favorite beauty queen-turned-model to find out nine secrets that inspire her & keep her at the top of her game 24/7.  

So Maaliyah....

What's your favorite beauty tool?

Eyebrow filler pencil

Do you have a beautifying drink?  

I drink them all but I can't get enough freshly squeezed Green Machine.  It's a nutrition infusion....and tastes amazing. It makes a huge difference in my skin and I'm hooked!

What can you not travel without?

1. Travel pillow 2. Snack (Justin's Almond Butter usually) 3. Headphones

What always puts a smile on your face?

Lenny Kravitz on repeat

How do you recover from a tough night or long weekend?

Three Words: Roll Juice Cleanse. Sometimes I grab 1 day, other times I do up to 5 in a row. It's a perfect way to strip my body of environmental + food toxins, helps with stress and re-toxes my system with raw nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.  My clothes always fit better after a cleanse. 

What's your Current obsession?

Binge watching Mr. Robot

What's the first thing you do when you wake up?

Eat my breakfast...

what's your spirit animal?


What's your 1st roll memory?

I rode in the FRONT ROW of Ms Jackie's class and I actually forgot I was working out...but that's the Roll Team's speciality....always a party on the bike and pics! 

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