Kallan's 2nd Trimester Tips

 📷: Malise Gardiner Gary 

📷: Malise Gardiner Gary 

Indoor Cycling while pregnant can alleviate back pain, boost your mood, and improve sleep.  We oughta know, Roll Team instructor Kallan Stout is expecting her lil' baby rockstar this June! Following their fairytale wedding last Fall, Kallan & hubby Chris set out on a honeymoon to remember and in Kallan's words, the newlyweds came back "with more than a tan!"  

We caught up with Kallan to find out just what keeps her so adorable & inspiring on and off of the bike.

So Kallan.....

What are your top 5 tips for riding with a baby bump?

1.  Bring the energy!   

No matter how long of a day I've had at work or how hard it was to get myself out of bed that morning, I always TURN UP the energy when I walk in the studio so I can get the best workout possible and be the best instructor I can be. 

2.  Have a bomb playlist. 

Everyone knows fun songs help keep me & my pack motivated...great music makes the time fly by! Follow me on Spotify!

3.  dress for success. 

Investing in cute workout clothes that wick away sweat makes you look & fell better on the bike and off the bike.  My spin shoes are life...in the studio. 

4.  Invite friends. 

Everyone has more fun in a sweat sesh with people they know, instructors included.  Just seeing my sister or bestie on a bike in my class really keeps me inspired.  The Roll Community is pretty amazing.  I've met so many new people that put a smile on my face and make me happy to lead the pack (no matter how bad I want to go for ice cream). 

5.  Eat well.

Most instructors are conscientious about what they eat, especially me now since I'm currently eating for two! Drinking lots of water to stay hydrated and avoid swelling is my #1. Getting lots of fruits + vegetables, drinking Roll's nutritious cold pressed juices (Green Machine is my fave), and eating plenty of healthy calories keeps me feeling good with lots of energy.  

We are super excited to be on this journey with Kallan & Chris and will be sure to fill everyone in when the proud parents announce Miss Stout's first name! 

***Always consult your doctor before beginning an exercise program while pregnant and inform your instructor of pregnancy or any other condition that may affect your workout.