17 Fill-in-the-Blanks w. Allie Matheson

Revolution instructor and all around fitness legend Allie Matheson shares her biggest indulgence, Roll mantra, what you'll never find in her grocery cart and more....

1.  My idea of a perfect day:   a. a blank "to-do list" b. quick 3 mile run before everyone wakes up followed by a big breakfast c. Letting the day unfold with my family

2.  My ROLL mantra:  Show up, the rest is down hill!

3.  The one item that will never be in my grocery cart:  Coke 

4.  My Starbucks order is:  Latte...straight up

5.  Fave movie of all time:   Steel Magnolias

6.  When you leave my class you feel:  Empowered

7.  My biggest indulgence is:  a Massage

8.  My current snack obsession: Almond Butter biscuits which have NO          high fructose corn syrup... yasssss! 

9.   What I wanted to be when I grew up:  an Artist

10.  The best year of my life:  2002

11.  My favorite music to ride to:  Black Keys

12.  My best childhood memories:  Fishing at Toledo Bend, I always                  caught the biggest one. 

13.  My secret talent:  I can pinch with my toes

14.  Bikini or One piece?  Bikini (since I was at least 7) 

15.  If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life it would be: Toga          Grill grape leaves...omg.  

16.  My favorite color is:  Green 

17.  My favorite juice is:  Roll Honey-Cinnamon Almond Milk

If you want to catch Allie's Revolution class, grab a bike on Wednesday at 5:30. It's limited to 15 spots so don't take your time!