15 Fill in the blanks w: Maaliyah Papillion

 Photo: Chris Brennan Photography

Photo: Chris Brennan Photography

Lake Charles' 1st Miss Louisiana & Roll™ rockstar Maaliyah Papillion opens up about her first ride, which word describes her best, what's always in her grocery cart, and more...

1.  Memories of my 1st ride:  Jackie's 8:10, being pretty nervous, having a blast....been hooked ever since. 

 Photo: Chad Whited Photography

Photo: Chad Whited Photography

2.  My fave song to ride to:  "Wild Horses" by Bishop

3.  My current ap obsession:  Pandora 

4.  The first thing that goes in my grocery cart: Justin's Maple Almond Butter (always in my bag too). 

5.  From the words athlete, champion, rockstar, legend, warrior the one that describes me best:  Champion

6.  If I were stranded on a desert island the 3 beauty products I would want to have:  1. Coconut Oil 2. Lip Balm 3. Dry Shampoo

7.  The best things about Roll: The classic black tank w/ the silver gear (Something about that shirt makes me feel like a super hero).  Can't even pick a favorite juice....they're all amazing because they taste delicious and are soo healthy.  I seriously love the sweat sessions and the community is unlike anything I've ever been a part of in fitness....from the Roll Team to the riders, it's the real deal.  

8.  An unknown fact about me:  I am a professional singer.  In the shower. 

9.  My dog's name: Duke. He's an Akita and he's 3 years old. 


10. Hairstyle I rock on my ride:  Ponytail, all the way (Front Row #17)! 

11. Climb or Sprint:  Sprint. 

12. The most exciting thing about taking the Miss USA Crown: I'm excited to live in NYC for the duration of my reign as Miss USA and taking the philanthropy I'm currently engaged in as Miss Louisiana to the national level is an overwhelming possibility for me. 

13.  The 3 people who have made a huge impact on my life: 1. My Mother 2. My Grandmother 3. Misty Copeland

14.  Everyone should read this book: 

15.  The wisest thing anyone has ever said to me:  "Don't be the echo, be the voice."

April is the month of Maaliyah at Roll™. We are beyond excited to celebrate Miss Louisiana with Mimosa Boutique for another "Spin Bike to Street Style" event including the latest summer trends in fashion and snacks from Street Breads™ on April 14//5-8pm.  Our friends from Walnut Grove will be in the studio with a huge surprise for Maaliyah.....you don't want to miss this so snag your bike or just come by to say hi. 

On April 21//6:30pm rockstar instructor Kendrea Terrell leads the pack in a SUNSET RIDE w//DJ Ryan Domingue! 100% of the proceeds benefit Maaliyah on her journey to Miss USA! This ride is live so....book those bikes!

Coming you way this May:  Official Miss USA videographers will be in LCLA....AT ROLL....to film our girl doing what she loves for the national pageant in Las Vegas. Stand by for ride details (insert freakout party emoji here)!