Cedric & Whitney: ROLLmates


Two of our most committed riders, CEDRIC MALLET & WHITNEY CADRA are best friends, so much so that we like to call them ROLLmates.  We caught up with them to find out what brought them to the studio, what they are most excited about and how ROLL™ has kept Whitney pedaling through some of life's toughest moments.....

So, Cedric & Whitney

Who or what brought you to your first Roll™ Indoor Cycling class? CEDRIC: Our friend Jason told us about it and I was ready to try something new. WHITNEY:  A mutual friend told us about ROLL™. We didn't know what it was about and now we are "addicted"... Really. 

Do you remember what your 1st ride was like?  CEDRIC: It was way harder than I expected....I sweated a lot and I mean a lot.  My max power barely made it to 100.  WHITNEY: I thought I would never make it through 45 minutes on that bike but I pushed through and booked my next ride before I even left the studio.


How has ROLL™ impacted you? CEDRIC:  Well, I don't exercise anymore. Now I ROLL! WHITNEY: My intention in taking classes at ROLL™ was to shape up and get physically fit.  Little did I know, the ROLL Community would help me in ways I never thought possible.  Everyone is so supportive and it's helped me through some of my roughest moments that I don't even share with many people.   

What are you most excited about regarding your membership at ROLL™?  CEDRIC:  I am fired up about seeing the change in my body and overall fitness level increasing.  It's awesome when people actually see the change and make positive comments to me.  WHITNEY: My confidence in my athletic abilities is over the top and that's really exciting to me. 

Have you lost weight, inches, or gained strength in WBX?  CEDRIC:  The "Roll Through the Holidays" challenge got me started in November and I've lost almost 20lbs and 1.5" OFF my waist! As for my strength, when I look at the lightning bolt on my computer after the first 5 minutes or my first "turn" of resistance, it's always around 100 for a "flat road" and well....over 220 for my max (insert wild man emoji w/his tongue stuck out here).  When I first started I could hardly sustain 100 max power!  WHITNEY:  I've lost a lot of fat. I've gained muscle tone and most importantly, I've gained inner strength which has helped deal with some of life's toughest circumstances. 


Has ROLL™ benefitted your friendship?  CEDRIC:  Yes absolutely! Now we "kill 2 birds" so-to-speak by working out AND hanging out.  Sometimes it's the only time we get to see each other. Spinning together is better than eating together and it's great because we encourage & support each other to do more.  WHITNEY:  It's definitely made us better friends because it's added a whole new aspect to hanging out together.  We have both met some amazing new friends and love being part of the ROLL community of riders!