If I could describe Roll in 1 word: "Transformational" Laurie Ogea's Roll Story

I've never been a sit around kind of girl.  I've always liked to watch what I eat and take care of myself by playing tennis, riding bikes, swimming, & hiking.  At 22 I got married with high hopes of having a family but after three ectopic pregnancies and several surgeries before my 30th birthday, my husband & I realized children "weren't in the cards" so I pretty much threw myself in to my career as a hair stylist.  

Turns out, one of my clients shared with me about a little boy who needed a family.  He was displaced and needed a loving couple to foster him.  My husband and I were more than willing to take him in and moved heaven and earth to make a home for this sweet angel.  After 2.5 years together, the three of us were super happy so we decided to begin the adoption process which is when we all got the news that the social worker wanted to place him with distant relatives.  Not only were we crushed but so was our boy, it was devastating.  Vowing to take every measure to keep him in our home (his home) we spent our life savings battling it out.  Our finances along with our minds & bodies were exhausted. When we lost him, we lost it all. My husband and I bottomed out. There really aren't words to express the sorrow of having to let go of the sweet boy we considered our son and the family all 3 of us dreamed of becoming. My husband and I agree that "it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all" but it was still more than we could bear.   Although I didn't eat my way out of shape I definitely took on weight due to drinking more & more alcohol to cope.  I also gave up any and all activity that kept me healthy.  I spiraled in to depression. 

Through a career change and several other life events, my husband and I ended up moving back to SWLA.  Although I enjoy my job and was feeling better, I was still packing on the pounds mostly because of not being motivated or excited about much. In July a work friend found out about the new spin classes at Roll and encouraged me to go. My first ride was when we went as a group to Charles' class and I knew right away this was the place for me.  Charles was so much fun.  I was encouraged by the music, virtual road, and performance metrics.  It was the coolest workout I had ever done. 

I quickly found out Roll is so much more than spinning.  There's Tina's Bike & Barre, Roll Revolution (25 minutes on the bike and 25 minutes circuit training), and WBX which is a "whole body xperience" that works your entire body in 45 minutes.  Not only do a catch a break from the stress of my day in the evening "sweat sessions" that detoxify me, the energy and accomplishment I feel from my rides has been phenomenal.  I follow some of my favorite instructors Jackie, Tina, Bri, and Kallan. The inspirational messages they deliver are powerful, so much so that I've lost 42 lbs since I started rolling! If I could describe Roll in one word it would be: transformational because I'm no longer tired, depressed, and out-of-shape. I have a lot to be happy about, and realize fitness is having a healthy mind, body, and spirit. 

To my friends at Roll, thank you for challenging me to be my very best self, giving me workouts I look forward to, and a community of riders I can count on!  You're the best! 



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