Beet Week!

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Well Lake Charles, here we are, 2 weeks in to 2016.  If you haven't made a commitment to healthy living, there's still time.  And if you're healthy eating resolution is already on the brink, maybe it's time you check out the premium cold pressed juices made fresh every day in the Roll Juicery.  

Why cold pressed juice?  Because cold pressing delivers the maximum nutrient content, of course! Juicers that grind or blend fruits & veggies expose produce to heat & oxygen compromising their nutrient rich enzymes. Our in house juicery uses the Norwalk Juicer that squeezes raw produce with 1000 lbs of pressure to extract the "nutrish" juice without adding heat.  

This week we're celebrating the greatness of beets so we've put together some facts about the their amazing health benefits.....

Here you go:  1. Enhance exercise performance and lessen fatigue. Rockstar Instructor Allie Matheson says they're "an athlete's best friend"  2. Lowers blood pressure 3. Inflammation buster 4. Boosts stamina 5. Anti-cancer 6. Valuable nutrients include: Vit C, Potassium for nerves & muscles, Manganese for bones, kidneys, liver & pancreas 7. DETOXES blood & liver

"Beet You Up!" is available in the Roll Shop every day along with several other juices & blends that provide an infusion of nutrition.  Whoever you are, whatever your fitness level, everything we do is good for you.  As always, we can't wait to see you in the studio. 

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