Rockstar Rider


Living life is not easy.  We all face difficulties. Everything from work, school, paying bills and never ending schedules can keep us from living life to the fullest.

Last week I experienced a week where nothing seemed to go as planned. No matter how much I accomplished in my classroom, my list just kept piling up on me.  I felt the stress all over my body but I truly wanted to enjoy my weekend.  Friday night I set my alarm to get up for an early morning sweat session in WBX at Roll.  When I woke up, I immediately thought "great, another alarm is going off-and it's the weekend." As I reluctantly prepared for my spin class I was thinking that it would only add to the stress I was already feeling.  Being that I had already "booked a bike", I made my way to the studio on Ryan Street.  

Well, let's just say I was in for an amazing awakening! Lauren's Boy Bands vs. Girl Bands was so positive & inspiring that I didn't just leave thinking "I'm a champ" - I confidently believed "I am a Champion" (thanks again, Lauren). As if becoming a champion over my week and weekend wasn't enough, every ounce of stress left my body and I was completely renewed.  I guess that's what they mean by "infinite endorphins" because I accomplished more during my weekend than I even planned before my ride. 

I went back Thursday night for another round and found Braden to be just as athletic and inspiring as Lauren!

I really do want live life to the fullest and am so happy to find a place to leave the stress of daily life behind and push myself to be my very best!