Mellisa Herrera on BFF's + Staying in Shape

SOMETIMES WE ALL FEEL like we've got to choose between hanging out with friends or keeping our fitness plans.  Southwest Louisiana is a plethora of amazing food and local hospitality and we have tons of fun with our friends sharing yummy apps + drinks but it's high time to add healthy alternatives to friend dates that don't kick our wellness plans to the curb! 

Roll Team Instructor & highly sought after Personal Trainer, Mellisa Herrera manages to balance a busy family, work, and healthy friendships better than anyone we know.  When she's not helping clients reach their personal best at her gym, "360 Fitness", hanging out with her restauranteur husband Ben, or running the roads like every other Mom of teenagers, she's out there hanging with friends in the most healthy ways.

We love that Mellisa is on top of being one of Lake Charles' #1 fitness pros while living life to the fullest so we caught up with her to ask how she manages the dilemma of keeping healthy friendships & staying fit in the midst of life's hustles & bustles. 

Fave Healthy Lunch: A piece of fish with fresh veggies or chopped salad tops the list.  The WAITR AP is super convenient when I'm running low on time at home or need to work through lunch!  

Best Fitness Friend (BFF) Date: I love catching up on a long run or ride with a bestie.  Combining workouts with friends is the most awesome way to multi-task! 

Best friend advice you've ever received:  True friends make us happy. It's ok to let people who bring constant stress & anxiety go.  Friendship is a special bond that is easy & selfless. 

Fave Juice: I LOVE Green Machine! The earthy flavor of the greens is so good and the nutritional benefits are over the moon!