Rider Spotlight

KEITH WOODARD (aka BigSexy69 on the leaderboard) has lost 40lbs with diet & exercise since he clipped in his first ride 6 months ago.  He wanted to get in shape so he could do the things he loves with the people he loves; the best part has been the comeback!  Being conveniently located by his business, Lake Charles Copy and involving his favorite sport, Roll was his first choice in exercise.  Although he does plenty of riding outdoors, Keith loves to use the leader board to improve his performance metrics from week to week and is glad that rain will never keep him from his workout again!  We love having Keith in the studio because his weight loss journey is inspirational and his happy attitude & smile are contagious! 

So Keith......

What motivates you?  I love to prove people wrong.  I raced bikes in my early 20's then laid off the bike for 16 years & put on 70lbs. My friends would talk about how fast and "in shape" I USED to be.  I needed to turn that back to how fast and in shape I am now!  

What's your mantra?  These few are on shuffle play in my brain:  "Live life to the fullest." "Get your mind right" and most importantly "NO REGRETS!"

Describe a struggle big or small that's made you grow stronger.  My weight.  I've struggled with my weight my whole life.  I've always loved to work out but eating right has never come easy for me.  Through it all, I think the struggle with unhealthy food has made me mentally stronger and more disciplined.  I've definitely become physically stronger by working out and cycling. 

How do you stop the "I can't" in your head?  I've never had a problem with "I can't".  Due to my my competitive nature I've always thought "I could".  My problem was "I don't" until I reached 290 lbs and I could no longer keep up in cycling.  That's when I WOKE UP! 

What's the best advice you have for someone trying to reach a goal? Make a short term goal with a long term result.  With BABY STEPS you'll see small results quickly.  Seeing progress will keep you going.  No one's perfect but the long term results come from meeting small goals on a daily basis.   The people at Roll keep each other accountable and the instructors are great!