Rider Spotlight

 Holly at our 5am Rooster Ride with her "permanent accessory" 

Holly at our 5am Rooster Ride with her "permanent accessory" 

Holly Carter's electric smile & happy attitude are contagious. When we found out she's not only a delightful personality but also an overcomer, we decided to spotlight her story in hopes of inspiring others facing some of life's toughest challenges. 

Miss Holly (soon to be Mrs Holly) definitely takes our definition of "ROCKSTAR" to a whole new level! 

So Holly.....

What motivates you?  I'm motivated by many things & people but really, most of my inspiration comes from a desire to be the best light I can be for Christ. Life is short. 

Describe the challenge of being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes last August.  Having been blissfully unaware of my T1D, the challenge is pretty much unexplainable.  I was a healthy and very active 23 year old generally clueless about Diabetes all together.  I went to the doctor alone thinking whatever was going on was no biggie however, August 21, 2014 actually turned out to be a game changer for me.   I've had a lot to learn and accept in the past 9 months.  What is it? What does it do? How do I live with it? How do I take care of myself? What are the long term side affects?  What does this mean for my future? I needed answers. Thankfully, God had a support system already in place for me.   The most caring fiance' & family, an amazing team of doctors, a wonderful Bible study group & church family, and incredible support at work have enabled me to figure this out and put things together one day at a time.  The hardest part has been accepting that this is my life now; as of today there is no cure and this is a permanent condition for me. My insulin pump is a permanent accessory but I'm proud of it.  I am proud of who I have become because of it. The good news is I know I never have to face this alone.

What's your Mantra?  Believe it or not it's always been "Everything happens for a reason". Now more than ever I believe everything, positive or negative, has a purpose in our lives.  No matter what's in store, God works everything out for good. 

How do you stop the "I can't" in your head?  I have a lot of "I can't" days.  Diabetes plays a role in your emotions which has been an adjustment in itself.  I'm agitated when I'm low and irritable & fatigued when I'm high.  I deal with the ups & downs by remembering the simple fact that I'm alive and I have a purpose.  There is a reason I'm here and Diabetes DOES NOT DEFINE ME as a person.  I make the choice to fight it everyday.  I will win.  It's pretty tough when my alarm goes off at 4:30am to work out but guess what? I woke up! It's a new day; a blank page waiting to be filled with life's blessings, obstacles, valleys and mountain tops! 

What's the best advice you have for someone dealing with a serious health issue?  It's important to never allow your illness to define you as a human being. Yes, I am diabetic.  I am also an athlete, a fiance', a daughter, a sister, a friend, and most importantly a follower of Christ.