Rider Spotlight


At the close of our April 2015 Power Up Challenge we caught up with some of our riders to see how what inspired them to go way beyond the goals we set for them.  Rachel is such an inspiration in the studio that we think it's time to give her the spotlight! 

From dreading her very first class to increasing her power by 50% (yes! 50%) AND losing 25lbs since Jan 29, Rachel is using Roll's cardio parties to bounce back from a divorce and get her body + her life on a healthy track. 

So Rachel....

What motivates you to get to that 5:30 class at least 3 times a week? My boys, Addison & Andrew are my biggest motivators! I want to be able to interact with them & keep up with their busy schedules.  They need a healthy mom.  Turning 40 last year was an eye opener but the friendly atmosphere, energetic, and encouraging instructors & staff at Roll are what keep me riding week after week.   

What's your mantra?  "You can't out exercise bad eating".  Working out at Roll inspired me to change my diet along with my adding exercise to my day. It took awhile to sink in but when it finally "clicked" things began to really change for me. 

Describe a struggle big or small that's made you grow stronger.  Going through a divorce with 2 small kids was pretty rough.  I finished my master's degree at LSU Baton Rouge which required me to commute several days a week.  I am currently a licensed Master Social Worker.  With all that going on, taking care of myself wasn't my number one priority but now I'm turning that around! 

How do you stop the "I can't" in your head?  Struggling with my "I can't" is a daily battle but I continue to remind myself over & over that "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me." Phillipians 4:13 

What's the best advice you have for someone trying to reach a goal?  It doesn't happen over night.  Set short term and long term goals. You can revise them, start over, or extend those goals just DON'T give up! Just trying trumps not trying at all!