An Exciting Partnership


You may think Roll Indoor Cycling is only about having an absolute blast working out, not so! We are actually most concerned about the overall wellbeing of mind + body AND having fun in the process.  

Our incredibly busy lifestyles coupled with a substantial decline in the quality of nutrition in the food we eat has created more unhealthy Americans than ever before.  Did you know that more people in the world die from obesity than from starvation? Now more than ever Americans, don't have a second to spare when it comes to prevention of illness & injury! The medical industry is also currently overwhelmed so it's time to take a stand and claim responsibility for your own health.

We are SUPER happy & excited to announce our partnership with our friends at Lake Charles Medical Fitness! These guys have put together an AMAZING bootcamp including unlimited monthly rides at Roll and a wellness program that includes teaching you what to get at the grocery AND how to cook it! There's a lot of accountability as the fitness pros from "LC Medical Fitness" oversee your training AND nutrition.  The price on both ends is discounted deep because as a group of fitness professionals we are all truly dedicated to helping SWLA overcome the health challenges we face and finding FREEDOM in fitness! 

If you are really serious about having an amazing quality of life and having the freedom of a healthy lifestyle, this program is FOR YOU! In the wise words of Allie, one of our instructors, "Remember, ANY avenue you take to fitness is cheaper than medical bills" and everyone knows it's much more fun & rewarding to be in a gym than a hospital! 

Let us know when you're ready to take YOUR overall health & quality of life to the next level and we'll be happy to get you started in the right direction with our partners at Lake Charles Medical Fitness!