Rider Spotlight


This edition of Roll's Rider Spotlight is dedicated to the one & only Kayla Hebert!  She's been with us pretty much from the start and her enthusiasm & infectious smile are what Roll is ALL about! The whole Roll Team knows & loves Kayla and is happy to have her in class as she pushes her limits with a smile and sometimes even high-five, every time! Her online support of Roll in the world of social media can't be overlooked; we can't thank her enough for sharing the mission and spirit of Roll Indoor Cycling with her friends & followers.  Congratulations Kayla! 

So, Kayla, we all have our own fitness journey.  What brought YOU to Roll and what were you doing before you started working out with our Team?  My very good friend (and Roll Instructor), Norma convinced me to try Roll by bugging me to death and much to my surprise, I absolutely loved it! Prior to going to Roll I hated every work out program I tried.  Roll has changed my life for sure and now I'm upset when I can't make a class. 

What are your favorite beats?  Honesty, I have quite a variety of favorites!  Rocking out to 80's tunes is always fun and there's something about Kendrea's "Cotton Eyed Joe" that gets my blood pumping.  Also, for climbing I like "The Hanging Tree" by Jennifer Lawrence, that song pushes me past my limits every time!

Best Roll advice you've received?  I pretty much live by the advice to "set your goal on the bike to do better than the last time you were on it!" This mantra has allowed me keep from being overwhelmed by getting in to more than I can handle.  Living by this goal has been the perfect inspiration and my rides are better & stronger than I ever imagined! Seriously. 

What do you tell people who wonder if they should give it a try?  I tell my friends all the time that they need Roll in their life.  Yes, it's about a healthy lifestyle but it's also an overall attitude adjuster that makes life in general a lot more fun.  You can work at your own pace & ability.  The motivation, love, & genuine concern of the Instructors will inspire you to keep coming back. 

Do you workout with a friend or do you ride solo?  I love to workout with a friend but I have NO PROBLEM going solo because I've met some of the greatest people in SWLA at Roll.  They've become my buddies who help me stay accountable.  

In a nutshell, the Roll Community (staff, instructors, & riders) is the BEST thing that's happened to me both mentally as well as physically in as long as I can remember!