Meet The Mulveys


Donavan & Rosemary are basically Roll legends.  Two of our longest standing members are also newly married.  They came to us pretty much when we opened the doors in August, 2014 ready to get in shape for their wedding day - 8 months away.  

Everyone at Roll has loved being part of their journey so we  caught up with them to find out some details about their Big Day as well as how our favorite newlyweds do everyday life together in LCLA. 

Tell us an unknown fact about yourself.  DM: I collect chopsticks RM: I'm the middle child between 2 sets of twins! Twin older brothers and twin younger sisters.  Don't ever let anyone tell you Christmas wishes don't come true.  When I was little I asked for a twin for Christmas. 

Besides the ROLL community what other social groups & hobbies do you enjoy? DM: I can play piano, guitar & drums. Cooking is definitely a favorite pass time for me too. Recently I joined the board of Calcasieu Imperial Museum which should be pretty interesting & rewarding.  RM:  Our biggest hobbies are eating & traveling. Sailing is a new hobby as we recently joined the Lake Charles Yacht Club and are having fun learning to sail! Volunteering for the St. Nicholas Center, where I work is also important to me so I can usually get Donovan to volunteer with me. 


What goals has ROLL helped you achieve?  DM:  It's helped us live a healthier life style and be more conscious of day to day fitness. RM:  I've finally stuck with an exercise routine! I never miss a WBX Spinning class on Mondays or Roll Revolution on Wednesday.  Not only was I in shape for our wedding, it has definitely made me stronger.  

I've always struggled with running.  Before ROLL I couldn't run 5 minutes without stopping.  After not even attempting to run for a year, I went for a run with Donovan a few weeks ago and ran 2 MILES without any trouble! Those 2 miles were a total surprise to me and I felt really proud.  I know it's because of all my ROLLing! 

What's your favorite way to end a long week?  DM: A nice dinner and a good glass of wine. RM: Mine's the same as Donovan's.  We're foodies for sure. 

What's on the Mulvey's grocery list?  Milk, eggs, apples, bananas, carrots, hummus, avocados...we try to buy as much organic as possible. For dinners we use Plated or Hello fresh meal delivery companies...we LOVE them! 

What words do you live by? DM: Love, Honesty, and Integrity.  RM: "For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others, for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness, and for poise walk with the knowledge that you are never alone".  - Audrey Hepburn


Tell us about the wedding!  RM: First of all, it was perfect! We got married in Texas Hill Country in Dripping Springs, outside of Austin. We couldn't have asked for better weather.  Donovan surprised me and played one of our songs - Thank You by Led Zeppelin during the reception with his Best Man. We had everyone we love together in one place to celebrate!  It was a blast.


Did you go on a Honeymoon?  Yes! Belize! It was so beautiful, and fun.  We went fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, rode bikes, and saw the Mayan Ruins.  

If the Mulvey's had a theme song what would it be?  "I Will" - The Beatles

Any pets? What's their names?  3 Rescues:  Kramer, Riley and Bacchus. 


Beyond your Spin & Revolution classes at ROLL, what else do you do to stay fit?  We walk our dogs every morning.  We also go for runs now (thanks to ROLL) We also love to kayak and try to get outside whenever the weather is pretty.