12 Fill in the Blanks with Kendrea Terrell


Rockstar instructor Kendrea Terrell who leads the pack on weekday mornings and is gearing up for her very first "Sunset Ride" on Oct 22 with Lauren reveals 12 things that make her days better & bascially happier all around....

1.  I never leave home without.... Mascara! Sweatproof, of course


2.  A food I can't live without.... Cheese!

3.  My all time fave movie is.....The Wedding Planner

4.  The best advice I've ever received is...... "If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all"

5.  The Song I have on repeat right now is..... I just can't get over "One Man can Change the World" by Big Sean

6.   My biggest indulgence.....C H O C O L A T E  

7.   My Current Mantra is....


8.  If I could have 1 super power for 24 hours it would be..... X-Ray Vision! 

9. Besides the Roll Studio :) my favorite place to be is......anywhere my family is. 


10.  My most treasured possession is.....my wedding ring

11.  My dream vacation destination is......The Galapogos Islands where me, Barry, & our boys could hike, fish, sail & explore pretty much unchartered territory


12.  The thing that always puts me in a good mood is....visiting with my warrior riders after class when they're super sweaty & super happy!