Roll101: A new rider's guide

Yes! You did it! Congratulations on booking a bike in your first spin class at Roll! Whether you're coming with friends or saddling up solo, you're probably wondering "what have I gotten myself in to"? No worries! It's going to be awesome and it's going to kick your butt, in a good way. Starting a new fitness program can be scary. Going to a new gym or in our case, a super cool cycling studio can be intimidating. The good news is, the hard part is over & we can't wait to get you started in Lake Charles' new fitness addiction! It's going to be tough but you'll be so glad you came. Here's a few tips to get you started: 

1.  Be sure to get your bike set up correctly.  Get to the studio a little early. The Roll Staff or your instructor will be happy to help you set up. Nothing will ruin your 1st ride quicker than the seat & handle bars being too high or too low.  

2.  Focus on your ride. Believe me. NO one is looking at you. The room is dimly lit for one thing. Also, everyone is pretty focused on getting the most out of their own ride. No matter what, we all finish together.  

3.  Wear the right gear.  In a spin class you'll be standing, sitting, leaning, & crunching more than you think. Make sure you wear workout gear that allows you to move freely and is pretty comfortable. 

4.  Don't skimp on resistance. The little red & white knob is your secret to success! You'll be tempted to hold back because it's tough but listen to the instructor when they say to turn up the heat. You can always turn it back if you need to but in order to get what you came for, your effort needs to be 100%.  

5.  Your booty is going to hurt. There's no getting past it. You can definitely use one of the gel seats we have in the studio but really, it takes a couple classes and you'll be used to it. I promise. 

6.  We've got fresh, clean towels for you. Be sure sure to check in to Roll on face book to get a free water or bring a water bottle to fill up on our filtered water fountain.  

Of course feel free to call the studio or shoot us an email with any questions or concerns. We're super excited you're taking this step on your fitness journey with us and can't wait to tap it back & cross the finish line together! See you in the saddle!