Look Who's Back in the Saddle!

Meet star instructor Norma Fusilier! Known for her fun Rock-N-Roll classes, NORMA IS THE REAL DEAL inside & outside of the studio. See how she rocks to the beat of her own drum...


How has Roll changed your body?

Roll has changed my body by making me stronger and giving me more cardiovascular fitness. It's also giving me a new point of view about fitness overall.  I love being part of this community!

What were you doing before Roll?

I was a Spinning instructor from 1997-2004. I also have been an Ace Certified Fitness Instructor teaching classes since 1997.  I have 2 sons that make my every day pretty exciting!

What's your style of music?

My music style ranges from 70's disco to 80's rock-n-roll.  Honestly, I love every genre of music. Anything that motivates The Pack to finish strong & push themselves on the bike makes me smile.

What's life like when you're not teaching? 

My amazing husband and sons do their best to challenge me and make my life an incredible adventure. I also stay pretty busy being a registered dietitian who consults 3 different clinics in Lake Charles. 

What's the hardest ride you've ever completed? 

The Ride to Kona with Scott Schlesinger after our certification was tough, fast, & emotional. By far my hardest but best ride ever. 

Do you have a favorite exercise outside of Roll? 

 Running works great with my busy schedule.  I especially love to hit the road a couple times a week when I'm not training in the studio.