Welcome to Roll Indoor Cycling!

  Barbara Hoots (left), Jackie Tabor (right)

Barbara Hoots (left), Jackie Tabor (right)

Meet Jackie Tabor, the heart and soul behind Roll-Indoor Cycling! Between taking care of her family, owning and managing Roll, and coming up with new ways to have fun staying fit, she is quite the superhero to us. This week, we spent some time picking her brain on the inspiration behind Roll, her health and fitness lifestyle, and the goals she has for the new studio opening up this month! 

What inspired you to start Roll? 

My best friend, and now Spinning® Instructor inspired me to open Roll. 

What are you most excited about as Roll opens this month? 

I'm most excited about making new friends and having a super cool place to work out.

Do you have a long time goal for the studio and future Rollers? 

My long term goal for "Rollers" is to be part of an inclusive (not exclusive) community that views fitness as an experience that moves them mentally and spiritually as well as physically.  Mind-Body-Soul = Life

Favorite thing to do when you're not Rolling:

I love to shop with my daughter, Maurina. I also look for interesting ways to spend time with my son and husband, which is almost always outdoors if they have their way.

What's your motivation for living a healthy lifestyle? 

Endorphins and small sizes motivate me to work out.

Favorite healthy snack:

Fresh blueberries.

Mantra to inspire future Rollers:

"Circumstances don't make or break you, they reveal you."