Casey Christ


Casey has been in the Roll Spotight for quite awhile so we figured it's past time to give him a shout out.  He's one of our Ryan St neighbors at Insurance Unlimited so one day I stopped by with an invitation and a few free rides and I'm proud to say this guy's been Rolling ever since!  

Casey makes every workout count. He inspires everyone in the pack with a perfect effort and sometimes even a cheer or high-5. He never stops smiling in the midst of a great sweat. We think Casey's pretty awesome and can't imagine our group fitness experience without him! 

We caught up with him to see how he keeps going so strong.

So Casey.... 

What brought you to Roll Indoor Cycling? There were several reasons really. My Dad passed away and I wanted to do something healthy to deal with missing him. I also needed to lose weight because I had been spending most of my time with him and got out of shape. It's really important for me to stay fit because I have a great family, (my wife + 6 kids) to keep up with!

What's best advice you've ever received? "When in doubt, don't." Not sure if it's the BEST advice but it's kept me out of trouble. :) 

What do you say to other men considering the Roll minimum impact maximum effect group exercise experience? It works both mentally and physically. It's not boring AND it's a fun way to exercise!