Group Fitness.....for MEN!


According to Mark Healy's article in Men's Journal there is a rise in group fitness classes for men. In the article Mr. Healy interviewed several metropolitan area fitness club owners across the nation who basically concur that "it isn't about the giant bodybuilder anymore".  Paul Dozois, owner of "Breakthru Fitness" in Pasadena, CA says "guys want to be lean, ripped and more functional" and "you can get that in a group setting".   

Mr Healy claims that  more & more men are throwing away the old cliche' that group fitness classes are for girls and joining in on effective, efficient, and safe workouts in group environments.  "The intensity of spinning combined with strength training is adding up to greater numbers of men achieving their fitness goals".  Healy says men are realizing that instructor driven workouts deliver more effective results than whatever is loaded on their smart phones.  Trainers don't forget what rep you're on, they aren't afraid to correct your form, and they don't care if you hate push-ups.  

Camaraderie and competition are big motivators for guys.  The combination of men + women in classes is an added benefit rather than a distraction because no dude wants to lose to another dude when there's a bunch of girls in the room.  Because men respond well to competition, leader boards and performance tracking push men to the next level in group fitness.  

We're pumped to see a rise in the number of men at Roll.  Ben Herrera, owner of 121 Bistro is a face we've been seeing from the start.  He's not new to the fitness scene in LC so we caught up with him to get the skinny on what motivates him to move everyday and how he stays so fit! 

So, Ben.....

You're super busy and in great shape.  What inspires you to sweat?  Spinning is my favorite way to get a great cardio workout.  For me, it's crucial to get that in before my work day. 

I know your wife, the lovely & talented Mellisa was the reason you started working out at Roll but I've seen you in several other classes.  How are you enjoying the Roll Team's classes?  All the instructors have their own personality & flare. There's no better place to ride in LC. The place is hip, the studio is amazing, and the Spivi Tech takes it to a whole new level!

What are 3 of your favorite Beats?  1. led Zepplin 2. Puff Daddy 3. Anything Techno

What do you say to other men who are considering group fitness classes and Roll in particular?  There's no better place to get the cardio burn. All you have to do is get there! There's no way you won't get a workout.....just SHOW UP!