Rider Spotlight


As one of our most loyal riders, Tanya is a blast to have in the studio! Whether she's riding solo or working out with 1 of her many friends, she motivates everyone in the pack. Tanya's uplifting & encouraging demeanor always has us hoping she'll stay for coffee after spinning. She definitely says good bye to negativity & hello to sweat every time she walks through the door. We spotlighted Tanya mainly because she exudes positivity & perserverance in the face of every fitness challenge we throw her way.  We are proud to call her our very own. 

So, Tanya-

What has your experience been with Indoor Cycling? Before Roll came to Lake Charles I had never given spinning or group exercise a thought. Now it really is my new addiction!  

Do you prefer to ride solo or with a friend? I absolutely love to  ride with a friend! Being in the pack gives me more energy. 

What are 3 of your favorite beats? I couldn't even begin to answer this! When I think I can't go any further, the music moves me. 

What is your biggest motivator to workout? I feel incredibly strong after spinning AND I know I just did my heart good!  

What did you do for fitness before the studio? I did some nautilus machines in the gym and for a short time I worked out with a personal trainer. Before joining the Roll fitness community it had been about 2 years since I exercised on a regular basis.