Nailed It


The modern design of Roll is inspired by cycling studios across the United States.  The trend in boutique fitness started about 9 years ago in NYC and has spread like wild fire across the nation.  We knew Roll had to be unique & innovative in more than just aesthetics so we searched high & low for the perfect technology to compliment the incredible atmosphere we created in the studio.  

Spivi is an innovative 3D visualizing system made for especially for indoor cycling & fitness studios.  It communicates with ANT+ sensors on each bike and generates an interactive 3D virtual experience for our riders.  

One of the greatest benefits of Spivi is it provides the ability to collect & analyze data made in real time during each ride in the studio.  It tracks our riders' performance and sends results with graphs after each workout.  At the touch of a button the instructor can display Performance Metrics on our leader boards so the class can see their ongoing results.  We're able to have races or go through virtual terrains in 3D from all over the world.  

I have to say we definitely nailed it by adding Spivi Technology to our state-of-the-art bikes and audio visual equipment. It guarantees an up-to-date and outstanding fitness experience for our riders as well as an undeniable camaradarie and friendly competition in each class.