The Stats

Men's health awareness is during the month of November, now being referred to as "Movember".  As I began to research the stats on men's health I was unpleasantly surprised to say the least.  According to the Movember Foundation:  

  • 1 out of 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. 
  • 12.2% of men 18 years or older are in fair to poor health
  • Women's life expectancy is almost 5 years longer than mens (76.2 Men vs. 81 Women)

Some of the reasons for the sad statistics on men's health issues include:

  • Reluctancy to take action when they don't feel well
  • Lake of awareness of the health issues they face
  • Men typically don't openly discuss health issues 

Roll is dedicating the rest of the month of November to Men's Health Awareness and inviting new men riders to ROLL for FREE!  Please encourage the men you know & love to take advantage of the offer and BOOK A BIKE today! .  Together we can turn the stats on men's health upside down in SWLA! 




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