Eight in Eight


Where do I even start about our rockstar rider, Charlita?  We knew when she came in to take a tour and bought a "Newbie Series" that she was serious about fitness, we just didn't know HOW serious she was about spinning!  Not only does she Roll with enthusiasm every time, Charlita's electric personality inspires the pack and our instructors.  She is dedicated & committed and all about the Roll Community.  When she told us she's already lost 8 solid pounds, it was clear we wanted to give her a shout out.  Then we checked her attendance and lo and behold....she's lost 8 pounds in 8 rides! Way to go Charlita, our friend and fellow rockstar! 

So, Charlita......

What has your experience been with Indoor Cycling?  My experience with IC has been a very NEW one!  I gave it a couple tries at different facilities but never hung in there long enough to appreciate it.  The energy at Roll helped sway my decision to just RIDE IT OUT & commit!

Do you prefer to ride solo or with a friend?  Honestly, it doesn't matter to me.  Once the music starts.....it's ON!

What are 3 of your favorite beats?  

  1.  I (love myself)// Kendrick Lamar
  2.  Black Widow//Iggy Azalea 
  3.  LA Love//Fergie

What's your biggest motivator?  My biggest motivator is MYSELF!   I want to do this for ME.  It helps to have an awesome instructor while spinning too.  Allie & Mellisa push me waaay beyond what I think is my best!

How do you attritube your weight loss to Roll? 8 lbs. in less than a month?! Whew! The calorie burn from ROLLing is unreal and after such a great workout, who wants to mess it up with eating trash? My eating habits & nutrition are also reflecting my desire to be better.  Jackie & the Roll Team have created an environment for success. Now sit back and watch me succeed! Thanks guys!!!