Fitness, Furniture, Fashion, & Food!


Pretty much everyone in Lake Charles knows that the latest & greatest trends in fitness, furniture, fashion, and food can be found right here in the Palm Plaza shopping center.  Crave, all the way at opposite end of us just so happens to specialize in offering the finest virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegar.  

Studies show that regular consumption of the right olive oil could help decrease blood pressure, prevent the progression of rheumatoid arthritis, reduce the risk of stroke and assists in the prevention of heart disease and diabetes.  It's also rich in antioxidents known to minimize the risk of cancer.  Several months ago I was actually prescribed 2 tablespoons of olive oil per day (straight up) by Dr. John Mathias, MD, Gastroenterology in Houston and was absolutely full of dread until I came across Fran & Melanie's amazing & therapeutic olive oils.  Not only are the oils I've used tasty but abiding by "Doctors Orders" has completely resolved the health issues I visited Dr. Mathias about, without medicine.  To top it off, the olive oils provide the perfect balance of GOOD fat for GOOD nutrition and my skin has never been better! 

The Roll Team and me in particular couldn't be more happy to share space with Haven, Catina Couture, and Crave.  It's pretty amazing that I'll only have to walk a few steps to have the most exciting, unique, and special Christmas gifts out there this year! Thanks guys.