The Coolness Continues.....


Although Sunday, October 19 marks the 2 month anniversary of the opening of "Roll Indoor Cycling", the excitement in our studio continues to build!  Recently we added the "Roll Revolution" Class which is 30 minutes on the bike and 30 minutes of Core/Strength training off the bike.  Mellisa typically coaches both sets on Tuesday mornings at 8:10.  The plan is to add another one of these in the evening, probably at 5:30.  

Be sure to keep your eyes on the schedule to go live in November for the return of the one & only Scott Schlesinger!  Scott is a Master Instructor with Maddogg Athletics and is bringing his friend & fellow Rockstar Instructor, Rinie Marin from Miami to the Roll Stage.  Rinie brings an unmatched latin flair and infectious personality to all her rides.  Details to be announced about this one-time, one of a kind, special event week with Scott & Rinie! 

With Christmas right around the corner, we're stocking up on Roll Gear for those unique and inspirational gifts for your someone special.  Roll gift cards are also on the horizon which will pair beautifully with our "Rockstar" or "Drop the Beat" T's or goodie bags complete with water bottle & back pack! We've even added the candles we burn at a special price for our Riders to light up their own chill spaces with the amazing fragrance of Roll. 

A HUGE thank you to  Lake Charles for the warm welcome to the Lake Area! It's so exciting for the Roll Team to introduce the cutting-edge technology of Spivi Leaderboards and Virtual Rides as well as the boutique fitness trend in Southwest Louisiana!