As a community we climb, sprint, break away & through boundaries to take our mind, body, and soul to new heights.  


We are Roll!

Our cycling studio is a sanctuary of light, sound and energy that will redefine your body from the inside out.  We are devoted to providing an invigorating, intense, and safe workout that will free your mind and engage your spirit. 


Our inspirational instructors, chill spaces and beat based workouts motivate riders to let their hair down and empowers them with strength & confidence that goes beyond the bike.  


Jackie Tabor


We connect people inside & outside the studio through our events & social opportunities.  Our menu of Decadent, delicious, & Nutritious cold Pressed Juices + acai bowls are Available every day.  Call the studio to order your Roll Juice Cleanse today!  As you step out of your comfort zone and into our world, don’t be surprised if your confidence and endurance soars to new levels. ROLL’s team of energetic & charismatic instructors will help you break free of mediocrity and guide your workout to the highest level of excellence. Our cold pressed juice cleanses and smoothies are vital blends of raw fruits + vegetables providing the Lake Area with un paralleled taste in nutritious whole food options.